10 days left to register: IABA AGM

The Annual General Meeting of the IABA has been scheduled and registration is now open to all clubs which successfully affiliated by November 1st. Registration will close at midday on Thursday, December 1st.

Time: 2.30pm

Date: Sunday, December 4th

Location: The National Stadium, Dublin.

The following two motions will be proposed, considered and voted upon by Members:

Motion 1:

“That the Company Constitution and the Company Rulebook 2019 be amended to reflect the change of name of the Association Internationale de Boxe Amateur (otherwise “AIBA”), to the International Boxing Association (otherwise, the “IBA”).”

Motion 1 explained:

On the 22nd November 2007, as part of a programme of reform, the name of the Association Internationale de Boxe Amateur was changed to the International Boxing Association, however the abbreviation of the name remained as the AIBA. In December 2021, the acronym “AIBA” was officially changed to the “IBA.” This was done to rebrand the organisation and to distance itself from the prior administration. The motion before Members today is to amend the IABA Constitution and Rulebook to reflect the acronymic changes to the International Boxing Association. The amendments to the IABA Constitution have been highlighted for ease of reference by Members.

Motion 2:

“That Article 80 be amended with the insertion of sub-paragraph (c) which states that:

The Board may resolve to affiliate, or disaffiliate, the Company with some other association, company or other body where it appears to the Board appropriate to do so and the Board may accept affiliations from associations, companies or other bodies who have an interest in, or association with, boxing on terms set by the Board .”

Motion 2 explained:

In accordance with the main objectives of the Company, which are to foster and develop boxing in Ireland, this addition to the Company Constitution will empower the IABA to affiliate, or disaffiliate, to such other organisations and/or associations, which will assist the Board to promote the main objectives of the Company.

NOTE: The above motion entails an amendment to the Rules of the Association and, accordingly, in accordance with Article 17 of the Company Constitution requires a quorum of 60 affiliated Member Clubs present represented in person by their delegates.

Please find attached:

  1. AGM Agenda
  2. Notice of Motion, including explanation
  3. IABA Draft Constitution
  4. IABA Draft Rulebook
  5. IABA Audit

Eligibility: All clubs who have submitted affiliations for the 2022/2023 season up to November 1st are eligible to attend

Attendees: Eligible clubs may nominate any two adult members to attend as delegates – one to be a voting delegate, one to be a non-voting delegate. Delegates nominated by clubs must verified members – this means they must be included in the club’s affiliation application, through Blocworx, for the 2022/2023 season as members and be over the age of 18. *Please note, delegates will be required to present photographic identification (passport, drivers’ licence, etc) on the day of the EGM.  

Registrationavailable here

Elections: Non-Executive members of the Board of Directors

No. of candidates: 3

No. of seats: 2


These ballots have been posted to the postal address your club included in your Blocworx portal as part of your affiliation for the 2022/2023. They must be returned, with the enclosed signed slip, to 31 Grange Ter, Kill of the Grange, Blackrock, Co. Dublin, A94 A3E7, by midday on November 30th. Ballots arriving after this date and time will not be counted.

For guidance, please note:

  1. Place a tick or an X in the box beside the name of the person(s) you wish to elect to the Board of Directors
  2. There are two seats available – your club may vote for 2 people
  3. When your club has completed voting, please place this ballot paper in the envelop provided and post.
  4. Your ballot must arrive before 12pm on 30/11/2022 in order to be counted and included in the final result
  5. Results of this election will be made known at the IABA’s AGM in the National Stadium Dublin at 3pm on Sunday, December 4th, 2022.

For guidance, please also note

  • Ballots which contain any marks, writing or annotation outside of the relevant boxes will be adjudged spoiled and will not be counted.
  • Ballots which include a vote for all candidates will be adjudged spoiled and will not be counted.