150 Clubs Have Applied For The IABA Special Equipment Grant.

The deadline for returning the ‘IABA Special Equipment Grant’ form is approaching.

So far, over 150 clubs have successfully completed and submitted applications to receive equipment worth €1,000 through the IABA Special Equipment Grant. A list of the clubs who have submitted these applications is attached.

Every successfully affiliated club in the Republic of Ireland for season 2021/22 can receive this gifted equipment. To receive this equipment, the attached form must be completed in full, signed (original signatures) and returned to info@iaba.ie by 5pm on Friday, March 31st.

The equipment includes:

  • Ergo Club Jumbo Kit Holdalls x 2 per club
  • 8 x Ergo Leather Skipping Ropes
  • 4 x Ergo Leather Training Headguards
  • 4 x 16oz Ergo Leather Gym Sparring Gloves
  • 1 x Set of Marker Cones (x 50)
  • 2 x Leather Focus Pads
  • Inclusive of delivery  

This allocation is possible through IABA’s successful application to Sport Ireland Targeted Equipment (SITE) 2021 grant. The award was made following an application submitted by the IABA staff team.

The funding is designed to enable clubs to rebuild their equipment stores and to facilitate growing clubs in providing training to new members. 

The equipment will be delivered to an appropriate delivery address provided by your club, by Ergo and may only be used in by club members participating in boxing training. It is envisioned that Ergo will begin distributing equipment on IABA’s behalf in the second quarter of 2022.