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The Ukraine will host an AIBA 2-Star Coach Certification Course prior to the European Elite Men’s Championships in the Ukraine this summer. This course allows Coaches, who are affiliated with AIBA National Federations, to participate as official Seconds to boxers at all AIBA Competitions. The Course will be opened to a total number of 50 participants and will be taught in English and Russian.


The dates of the Course are as follows:

Arrivals: May 28

Course: May 29 – June 4

Departures: June 5


The course fee is 150.00 USD per participant and must be given to the Ukrainian Boxing Federation, which will then transfer it to AIBA.


Please note that all the candidates must fulfil the following criteria to be considered for the Course by AIBA:


1) The coach must be affiliated with an AIBA National Federation (AIBA Technical Rule 2.1.1)

2) The coach must be nominated by his/her National Federation to participate in the Course, by being included in his/her National Federation’s Participant List

3) The coach must be registered in the AIBA database (http://www.aiba-database.org/nf) by his/her National Federation and must have a complete profile – with a copy of his/her passport.

4) The coach must have already taken an AIBA 1-Star Coach Certification Course

5) The coach must be from the National Federation, which belongs to Confederation that is organizing the Course. Any exceptions will be considered and reviewed by AIBA on a case-by-case basis.


In order to send the list of candidates for the Course, please fill out the attached file “AIBA 2 Star Coach Participant List”, which must be sent to EUBC Office at eubc.office@gmail.com no later that April 28, 2017. Please make sure to order the coaches in terms of who should be considered for the course first, as places for the course are limited and some coaches may not be admitted.