2022/2023 Season Affiliation Up-Date.

Over 300 clubs submitted an affiliation application by midnight on May 31st, and these clubs will continue to enjoy the benefits and privileges of IABA affiliation pending approval of their application at county board, provincial unit and Head Office levels.

All applications are quality assessed to make sure they have been completed correctly and screened to confirm that the club is fully compliant (i.e., fully compliant committees, volunteers who have regular access to children and/or vulnerable adults are all vetted, etc.).

Clubs who successfully meet the full suite of requirements will be sent letters of affiliation and other applicable membership information by staff following the conclusion of the process. Clubs who are not fully compliant will be contacted by staff who will assist them in meeting these requirements, over the coming weeks.

For any additional information relating to this season’s affiliation process please email info@iaba.ie.

The list of clubs who submitted affiliation applications by May 31st is attached.

  • Any club affiliating beyond June 1st should be aware that their club will not enjoy the privileges of membership between June 1st and the date on which their late affiliation is signed-off on.