JP Hale and Colm Murphy, pictured, produced another classic at the National Stadium in Friday’s National U/22 finals.

Last weekend’s decider arrived just six days after the pair met in the Ulster Elite final in Belfast.

Hale has his hand raised in victory on a 4-1 split in Ulster, but Murphy reversed that decision on a 4-1 split in the 56kg title match in Dublin to level the aggregate score at 5-5 after six rounds and six days in Ulster and Leinster.

”It’s funny but I feel like these fights have made us bond more, Murphy told today’s Irish News.

“There’s so much mutual respect. He probably puts in as much work as me and he deserves everything he gets too.”

Olympic medallist High Russell (Moscow 1980) hailed the performances of both teenagers after the Ulster Elite final, according to Hale’s coach Liam Corr.

“Hugh Russell actually came to me at the Ulster Hall and said “you don’t see boxing like that anymore,” sad Corr.