England meet Ireland over 17 bouts in Newcastle on Saturday afternoon.

Please scroll down for line ups.

The doors open at Grainger Park at 11.45am on Saturday morning. Jason Nevin meets a flyweight with an iconic boxing name, Mohammed Ali, on Weirside.

The Irish squad is made up of most of the champions from last month’s Open Senior Cadet Championships at Dublin’s National Stadium.

Both nations are building toward May’s European Junior Male and Female Championships in Romania.

The Irish squad left for England this afternoon (April 19).

England versus Ireland Junior International Newcastle April 20


46kg: Frank Varey (England) v Dylan Eagleson (Ireland)

46kg: Shelby-Marie Lee (England) v Breda Quilligan (Ireland)

48kg: Blu Bowers (England) nv Michael Donoghue (Ireland)

48kg: Alex Brown (England) v Robyn Kelly (Ireland)

50kg: Mohammed Ali (England) v Jason Nevin (Ireland)

50kg: Charan Dhesi (England) v Chloe Gabriel (Ireland)

52kg: Cameron Lavery (England) v Donagh Keary (Ireland)

54kg: Royston Barney-Smith (England) v Mustafa Edris (Ireland)

54kg: Mia Holland (England) v Aaliyah Butler (Ireland)

57kg: Ellis Price (England) v Martin McCullough (Ireland)

57kg: Sacha Hickey (England) v Nicole O’Sullivan (Ireland)

60kg: Jake Abrol (England) v Patrick Donovan (Ireland)

63kg: Jimmy Lee (England) v Thomas King (Ireland)

63kg Katie Grover (England) v Winnie McDonagh (Ireland)

70kg: Prince Dubois (England) v Eoghan Lavin (Ireland)

80kg: Leoni Dingwall (England) v Brittany Stokes (Ireland)

80+kg Aloys Youmbi (England) v Thomas McDonnell (Ireland)

Irish squad


46kg Dylan Eagleson (St Pauls Antrim)
48kg Michael Donoghue (St Michaels Athy)
50kg Jason Nevin (Olympic Mullingar)
52kg Donagh Keary (Rathfirland)
54kg Suffie Edris (Monkstown)
57kg Martin McCullough (Gleann)
60kg Patrick Donovan (Olympic BC)
63kg Thomas King (Ratoath)
70kg Eoghan Lavin (Ballyhauns)
80+kgThomas McDonnell (Dublin Docklands)


46kg Breda Quilligan (Rathkeale)
48kg Robyn Kelly (Ballynacargy)
50kg Chloe Gabriel (Mulhuddart)
54kg Aaliyah Butler (Monivea)
57kg Nicole O’Sullivan (Corinthians)
63kg Winnie McDonagh (Neilstown)
80kg Brittany Stokes (Callan)

IABA President: Dom O’Rourke

Coaches: Liam Cunningham, Eve Carr, Martin Donovan

R&Js: Philip Hollowed,Dick Moody