4 New Junior Cadet Champions Crowned.

4 2022 National Junior Cadet Championship finals were boxed at the National Stadium, Dublin this evening:

75kg  Katie Rasdale (Erne) 1-4 Carly Norris (Glin)

60kg  Niamh Smith (Crumlin) 0-5 Cassie Henderson (Gilford)

64kg  Alannah Kenny (Clonmel) 5-0 Leah Sheehan (Sliabh Luachra)

70kg  Chloe Poleon (Dunboyne) 5-0 Leah Moore (Ballybough)

Also boxed this evening were quarter and semi finals in the competition:

  • 46kg  Lauren Long (Tipperary Town) 3-2 Sophie Lawlor (Wexford CBS)
  • 48kg  Mary Furlong (Na Fianna) 4-1 Arlene O’Herron (Rochfordbridge)
  • 48kg  Anthony Cash (Portlaoise) 4-1 Damien O’Driscoll (Golden Gloves M)
  • 48kg  David Tennyson (Letterkenny) 5-0 Con Desmond (Bantry)
  • 48kg  Christian Doyle (Olympic L) 5-0 Jack Donoghue (Titans)
  • 48kg  Kane Brannigan (Lisburn) 5-0 Timmy Power (Rathkeale)
  • 50kg  Tadhg Doyle (Ballybough) W/O
  • 50kg  Brandon Geoghegan (Sacred Heart D) 5-0 Jim Delaney (St Munchins)
  • 50kg  Luke Finan (Gateway) 0-5 Sean Maughan (Ballina
  • 50kg  Ritchie Gentle (Phoenix A) RED WIN AB2 Shane Doherty (Cashen Vale)
  • 52kg  Jim Mongan (St Munchins) 0-5 Cian Stapleton (Marble City)
  • 52kg  Cathal Myers (Sligo City) 4-1 Martin McDonagh (Rathkeale)
  • 52kg  James Rooney (Gleann) 5-0 Justin Kelly (Sean McDermott)
  • 52kg  Dean Nevin (Holy Family L 0-5 Liam Ward (Sacred Heart U)
  • 54kg  Martin Mongan (St Munchins) 0-5 Vasilos Konsoulas (Paulstown)
  • 54kg  Danny Mahon (Fr Flanagans) 4-1 Kailem Kelly (Baldoyle)
  • 54kg  Willie Hackett (Southside) 2-3 William McDonagh (Olympic C)
  • 54kg  Dylan Rockett (Tramore) 2-3 Joseph Ritchie (All Saints)
  • 57kg  John Donoghue (Olympic L) W/O
  • 57kg  Oba Agbabiaka (Dealgan) 4-0 Callum Cummins (Sacred Heart D)
  • 57kg  Joseph Cunningham (St Josephs U) 2-3 Darragh Ryan (Drimnagh)
  • 57kg  Jason Whelan (Docklands) 4-1 Patrick Quilligan (Saviours Crystal)
  • 60kg  Rati Abuladze (Togher) W/O
  • 60kg  Conan Kearney (St Bridgets U) W/O
  • 60kg  Edward Harty (Portlaoise) 5-0 Cody Goggin (Ballyduff)
  • 60kg  Rhys Taylor (Dunboyne) 5-0 James McCarthy (Trojan)
  • 63kg  Broderick Adbuire (Jobstown) 3-2 Zach O’Hara (Paulstown)
  • 66kg  Jim Mongan (St Munchins) W/O
  • 75kg  Thomas Myers (Sligo City) W/O

Semi finals, and 9 finals, will be boxed at the National Stadium from 11am on Saturday morning:

  1. 31kg  Jude O’Reilly (Immaculata A) V Keith O’Donoghue (St Michaels Athy)
  2. 31kg  Alex Harris (Ballybough) V Calvin Stokes (Olympic L)
  3. 33kg  Lee Largey Snodden (Immaculata A) V Jason Ward (Eagle)
  4. 33kg  Conal Dunlop (St Pauls A) W/O
  5. 35kg  Kristian Jubani (Crumlin) V Oscar Conway (Rathoath)
  6. 35kg  Mikey McDonagh (Avona) V Noah Bacon (Saints A)
  7. 38.5kg  Tommy Fitzpatrick (Marble City) V Finn Gilmore (Banbridge)
  8. 38.5kg  Kurt Kinsella (Monkstown D) V Oliver Plachta (St Francis)
  9. 40kg  Kalib Walsh (Wexford CBS) V Niall Hall (Saints A)
  10. 40kg  Caoimhin Connolly (Twin Towns) V Paddy Nevin (Holy Family L)
  11. 42kg  Oisin Kiernan (Olympic L) V Lochlainn Began (Sean Dorans)
  12. 42kg  Tadhg Denton (Tramore) V Liam Waters (Riverstown)
  13. 44kg  Jason Donoghue (Olympic L) V Warren Ormond Morgan (Whitechurch)
  14. 44kg  Christian Sweeney (Ballina) V Daniel Joyce (Elite Mullingar)
  15. 46kg  Conan McSorley (Two Castles) V Jamesie Casey (Sliabh Luachra)
  16. 46kg  Eddie Corcoran (Olympic L) V Carl Killyleagh (St Pauls A)
  17. 48kg  Anthony Cash (Portlaoise) V David Tennyson (Letterkenny)
  18. 48kg  Christian Doyle (Olympic L) V Kane Brannigan (Lisburn)
  19. 50kg  Tadhg Doyle (Ballybough) V Brandon Geoghegan (Sacred Heart D)
  20. 50kg  Sean Maughan (Ballina) V Ritchie Gentle (Phoenix A)
  21. 52kg  Cian Stapleton (Marble City) V Cathal Myers (Sligo City)
  22. 52kg  James Rooney (Gleann) V Liam Ward (Sacred Heart U)
  23. 54kg  Vasilos Konsoulas (Paulstown) V Danny Mahon (Fr Flanagans)
  24. 54kg  William McDonagh (Olympic C) V Joseph Ritchie (All Saints)
  25. 57kg  John Donoghue (Olympic L) V Oba Agbabiaka (Dealgan)
  26. 57kg  Darragh Ryan (Drimnagh) V Jason Whelan (Docklands)
  27. 60kg  Rati Abuladze (Togher) V Conan Kearney (St Bridgets U)
  28. 60kg  Edward Harty (Portlaoise) V Rhys Taylor (Dunboyne)
  29. 66kg  Josh Dowling (Marble City) V Evan Moore (St Conleths)
  30. 66kg  Rocco Dempsey (Avona) V Jim Mongan (St Munchins)
  31. 70kg  Peter Maghee (St Conleths) V John Mongan (Rathkeale)
  32. 70kg  Conan Lunch (St Canices) V Tom Ward (Ballyhaunis)
  33. 75kg  Reuben Kehoe (Wexford CBS) V Callum F Barrett (Olympic C)
  34. 75kg  Jude Fitzgerald (Dungarvan) V Thomas Myers (Sligo City)
  35. 90kg  Chulainn McDonnell (Whitechurch) V Jake Fitzgerald (Dungarvan)
  36. 90kg  Jordie Cooke (Gleann) V Mikolaj Okapiec (St Davids)


  • 29kg  Daithi McNamee (Two Castles) V David Quigley (Cove)
  • 33kg  Cara Weatherall (St Pauls A) V Louise Joyce (Olympic L)
  • 42kg  Abbey Molloy (Sacred Heart D) V Kirstie McDaid (Phoenix D)
  • 44kg  Lauren Crinnion (Fr Horgans) V Keelyn O’Flynn (St Colmans)
  • 51kg  Molly Doyle (Templemore) V Donna Marie McCarthy (Mayfield)
  • 54kg  Robyn Carlyle (Crumlin) V Ellie Fenlon (Paulstown)
  • 57kg  Megan Dagg (Enniscorthy) V Faith Killeen (Jobstown)
  • 63kg  Fynn Niblock (Banbridge) V Broderick Adbuire (Jobstown)
  • 103kg John McGinley (Gateway) V Owen Piegza (St Teresa’s)

Competition arrangements:

Venue: National Boxing Stadium, Dublin.

Dates: June 10th, 11th, 12th, 17th, 18th, 19th.

Entries: An entry fee of €10 applies.

Weigh-in and Medical: Boxers will only weigh in on each day that they box. Boxing Record books to be presented by the boxer at their initial weigh-in, if not previously given to the IABA.

Weigh-in times: In National Stadium from 8.00am – 9.00am and 12pm – 1pm. Boxers with walkovers in their finals must weigh in on the day of their final.

Duration of rounds: Boys & Girls 3 x 1.5 Minutes

Age Requirements: Boxers born in 2008 and 2009.

It is a condition of entry that all competitors and officials have a signed Waiver/Members Acknowledgement Form.

Anti-Doping may be carried out at any stage of the championships and all boxers must advise the doctor of any medication they are taking or have taken in the preceding 4 weeks. It is imperative that all boxers adhere to the Anti-Doping Rules and Regulations. For any queries regarding this matter, boxers/coaches should contact Mr. Larry Morrison, IABA Anti-Doping Officer on 086-0292476.Non Pregnancy Declaration forms must be signed.

Attire: Boxers shall have one red and one blue vest but may wear their club colours. Boxers must not wear long sleeved shirts under their vests. Hair must be tied back and swimming hats or hairnets should be worn under the headgear for boxers with long hair. No red, orange or pink gum shields are allowed.

Coaches: They must wear track suits and runners at all sessions and endeavour to set a high standard of hygiene in the corners. No shorts, caps or hats are allowed.

Sportsmanship: All decisions must be accepted in a sporting manner. Any complaints must be addressed to the Chief Official, Mr. Stephen Connolly. Please show respect to all Ringside Officials.

Please note that, under AIBA rules, boxers who are engaged in ‘Other Physical Contact Sports’ are not eligible to compete. For more information, please visit www.iba.sport