Results: 2024 National Senior Cadet Championships

49 National Senior Cadet Championship bouts were decided in the National Stadium today – boxing continues with the completion of semi-finals on Friday, May 10th.

First Session

Quarter Finals

  1. 50kg          Patrick Myers (Spartaus)  W/O
  2. 50kg          Callum Crilly (St Bronaghs) 4/1 Patrick Brady (East Meath)
  3. 50kg          Jack Willis (Gateway) 0/5  Niall Hall (Saints)
  4. 50kg          Kalib Walsh (Wexford CBS)  5/0      Oisin Kiernan (Olympic L)
  5. 52kg          Frankie Carragher (St Patricks U)  0/5  Conan McSorley (Two Castles)
  6. 52kg          Eddie Corcoran (Olympic L)  5/0      Lochlainn Beagan (Sean Dorans)
  7. 52kg          Jack Cannon (Monkstown D) W/O   
  8. 52kg          Padraig Walsh (Immaculata) 5/0 Joseph Moyles (Ballina)
  9. 57kg          William Donoghue (Setanta) 0/5 Justin Kelly (Sean McDermott)
  10. 57kg          Joseph Mihai (Crumlin) 5/0  Matthew Mooney (Rathnew) 
  11. 57kg          Calum Sherwin (Edenmore) 2/3 Mikey Faulkner (St Munchins)
  12. 57kg          Callum Lysaght (Riverstown) 5/0 Brayden Davies (Golden Cobra)
  13. 60kg          Finn Kirwan (Sacre Coeur) 1/4 Desmond Sweeney (Olympic C)
  14. 60kg          Jack Finnegan (Dealgan) 0/5 Max Ryan (Lucan)
  15. 60kg          Thomas Curran (Treaty)  0/5 Brandon Geoghegan (Jobstown)
  16. 80kg          Senan Kennedy (Cabra) 5/0 Cathal O’Mainin (Conamara)
  17. 80kg          Baylin Joyce (Glasnevin)  W/O
  18. 80kg          Zach O’Hara (Paulstown) 5/0  Cameron Harms (Golden Cobra)
  19. 80kg          John Mongans (Rathkeale)  4/1 Chulainn McDonnell (Whitechurch)
  20. 81+kg        Patrick Sweeney (Rathkeale) W/O
  21. 81+kg        Jim Mongans (Rathkeale) W/O
  22. 81+kg        Johnny McGinley (Gateway) W/O
  23. 81+kg        Miracle Unacukwu (Dealgan) W/O

Semi Finals

  1. 39kg          Dillon Donnelly (St Pauls A)  0/5 Gary Lee McDonagh (Kilcullen)
  2. 39kg          Keith O’Donoghue (St Michaels Athy) 2/3 Calvin Stokes (Olympic L)
  3. 42kg          Sarah Johnston (Marble City)  0/5  Jasmine McCarthy (Setanta)
  4. 42kg          Emma O’Gorman (Tredagh)  0/5  Sky Leigh Haighton (Evolution)
  5. 42kg          Noah Bacon (Saints)  W/O
  6. 42kg          Tarik Bozkaya (East Meath) 5/0 Robert Quinn (St Pauls A)

2nd Session

Semi Finals

  1. 44kg          Callum Kelty (Golden Cobra) BLUE WIN AB1 Harry Salinger (Sacred Heart D)
  2. 44kg          Michael McDonagh (Avona)  RED WIN RSC3 Ryan Buttimer (Northside)
  3. 46kg          Abby Molloy (Sacred Heart D) 5/0 Tess Ormond (St Pauls W)
  4. 46kg          Ryan Moore (Cherry Orchard)  0/5      Kurt Kinsella (Monkstown)
  5. 46kg          Lee Largey Snodden (Immaculata)    1/4      Oliver Plachta (St Francis)
  6. 48kg          Elma Barry (Setanta)  5/0 Tori Byrne (Dunboyne)
  7. 48kg          Isabel Nolan (Santry) 4/1 Anita O’Leary Doyle (Sacre Coeur)
  8. 48kg          Daire McGuinness (St Monicas) 0/5      Michael O’Reilly (St Pauls Wat)
  9. 48kg          Jordan Murphy Morris (Glen) 1/4 Ian Borak (Santry)
  10. 50kg          Paige Nickles (Banbridge) 4/1 Sophie Lawlor (Wexford CBS)
  11. 50kg          Lauren Crinnion (Fr Horgans) W/O
  12. 52kg          Mary Ann Furlong (Na Fianna) W/O
  13. 54kg          Caoimhe Desmond (Fr Horgans) 1/4 Molly Doyle (Templemore)
  14. 54kg          Riona Devine (Dukes)  2/3 Sophie McClintock (Evolution)
  15. 54kg          Patrick McCarthy (Mayfield) 5/0 Danny McManus (St Patricks U)
  16. 54kg          Jason Donoghue (Olympic L) 3/2 Christian Doyle (Doyles)
  17. 57kg          Anjoliea Maughan (Whitechurch) 0/5  Kerry Brown (Convoy)
  18. 57kg          Kayleigh Byrne (Gorey)  3/2  Donna McCarthy (Mayfield)
  19. 60kg          Sarah McTiernan (Drumsna) W/O
  20. 60kg          Isabelle Hawkins (St Nicholas) 5/0 Thea Tobin (De Courcey)


Fridays: 8am-9am and 12pm to 1pm

Saturdays: 8am-9am

Sundays: 8am to 9am and 12pm to 1pm

Boxers are required to bring their passport to their first weigh-in of this competition. The passport will not be retained and no data will be held from their passport.

Waiver/Code of Conduct

Thanks to the 280 parents/guardians who have completed the waiver/code of conduct process. This process is a condition of participation in the championships. This link is shareable with parents/guardians by text message, email, WhatsApp or DM:


The applicable bouts will be live-streamed by and JWPlayer.

PPV, by day of boxing or for the entire tournament, is available here

Programmes: Friday, May 10th – all programmes subject to change

Beginning at 6.30pm