482 coaches qualified: IABA’s Fundamentals Assistant Coach course celebrates 1 year.

The first step on the IABA’s reformed coach education pathway, Fundamentals: Assistant Coach, celebrates its first anniversary this month.

The coach qualification course was launched in November of 2022. Since then, 23 courses have been delivered, and over 482 people have qualified through Fundamentals.

Course have taken place in every Province in the association, and have been delivered by IABA’s 10 currently active Coach Developers.

Fundamentals was developed by the IABA’s Coach Education Committee, on which sits chair Mickey Hawkins, Antoinette Fay McClean, Gus Farrell and IABA staff, Bridget Scott

Mickey Hawkins, Chair of the IABA’s Coach Education Committee, says “Fundamentals of Coaching Boxing has gone quite well so far. We have a long way to go with our pathway and overall education and training of our coaches but this is a good first step. As the Coach Education Committee Chair, I am happy with how our committee are operating. There is positive progress being made with our Coach Developers, Sport Ireland Coaching and everyone working tirelessly to get the Level 1 course up and running.”

IABA National Development Manager, James Geraghty, says “I’m very pleased with the 23 Fundamentals courses we have run in the course’s first year. Creating new coaching qualification methods is a steep learning curve, including new context, new forms of delivery, and course review. The way our members have adapted is commendable, especially our IABA Coach Developers. The thirst for knowledge and demand for Fundamentals coaching courses has been incredible, as well as the coaching talent coming through is very exciting. We are working extremely hard to put in place the next stages of the coaching pathway and appreciate everyone’s patience while we do that. We have no doubt that what comes next will advance the coaching development of all those that take part.”

The 23 Fundamentals Coaching Courses have been delivered by IABA’s Coach Developers, who are to the forefront of ensuring this newest generation of coaches is of the highest standard. They are:

Derek Ahern, DCU BC, Dublin
Gus Farrell, Monivea BC, Galway
Antoinette Faye McLean, Dungarvan BC, Waterford
Jeff Fitzgerald, Corpus Christi BC, Cork
Nikki Foley, Tralee Boxing Club, Kerry
Neil Gough, St. Paul’s BC, Waterford
Micky Hawkins, Holy Trinity, Belfast
Billy McLean, Dungarvan BC, Waterford
Malachy Scott, Glengormley BC, Antrim.

Three of the coaches who’ve begun their coaching career through Fundamentals have shared their experiences.

Kaci Rock, of Enniskerry BC in Wicklow, is the reigning National U22 Champion – she says has helped her in her boxing career

Martine Tate is of Phoenix BC in Lurgan, and is a former competitive boxer


Tracey Duggan is of Treaty BC, Limerick.

The Fundamentals: Assistance Coach course is open to any adult member of any affiliated club – you can register here