5-5: Garda Boxing Club Vs. FDNY in Garda Centenary Celebration Card.

It finished 5 wins to five in the Garda Boxing Club Vs. FDNY card at the National Stadium, celebrating 100 years of An Garda Siochana:

78kg: Kevin Guziman Vs. Eoin O’Connor, 4-1, blue.

63kg: Matt Blewitt Vs. Finbar Thompson, 5-0, blue

66kg: Nicole Malpeso Vs. Shirley Baker, 5-0, red

75kg: Sean Dillon Vs. Eoin O’Neill, 4-1, red

75kg: Javier Rosario Vs. Senan Morris, RSC 1, red.

85kg: Dean Flanagan Vs. Gary Kilcullen, 5-0, blue

81kg: Fernandez Badejo Vs. Paul Corcoran, 4-1, red.

72kg: Jeff Barreau Vs. Foad Baghban, 4-1, red

80kg: James Gennari Vs. Jack McHugh, 3-2, blue

91+kg: Patrick Lavery Vs. Dan Hoolahan, 4-1, blue

A select New York Fire Department team travelled to Dublin for Friday’s card.

Brian Sutton, Garda Boxing Club, says “An Garda Siochana have a rich and proud history of involvement with the sport of Boxing in Ireland. This history dates back to the formation of the IABA in 1911 when General Eoin O Duffy transferred from the Army to the newly formed Irish Police Service. Following the war of independence, he placed a great importance on the sport of Amateur Boxing within An Garda Siochana. During Commissioner O’Duffy’s tenure the sport of Amateur Boxing in Ireland was largely dominated by the Gardai and Army. Irelands new police force under Commissioner O’Duffy’s guidance helped the sport to emerge from the garrisons to become the working man’s sport, by assisting in the establishment of Boxing clubs throughout the country. Commissioner O’Duffy was somewhat of a visionary, who saw these Boxing clubs as a means of introducing Gardai into local communities.

This work laid the foundation for the enduring relationship between members of An Garda Siochana and Boxing Clubs countrywide which continues to flourish to this very day. This is also evidenced in the GARDA/IABA Community Outreach programme (Hi Garda) this year where members of An Garda Siochana visit and interact with Boxing Clubs nationwide and meet young people where they feel comfortable and built bridges to form stronger, safer and happier communities. The aim of this programme is to act as a vehicle for early intervention, resulting in young people engaging with community Gardai in a positive manner. A strong bond of friendship and respect has been established over many years of collaborative work and engagement between An Garda Siochana and the IABA.”

Members of An Garda Siochana have won national boxing titles and represented Ireland at national and international level. They have also won European and World Police Boxing titles.

Brian Byrne has 6 national titles. Ger Lawlor, Paul Connolly, Willie Cooper, Larry Morrison, Eddie McDonnell and Christina Desmond all won national titles. Adam Nolan has represented Ireland at the 2012 Olympics.

The Garda Siochana Boxing club wish to thank Michael Gill and Liffey Crane Hire for their support