7 Days Remaining: Affiliation For The 2022/2023 Season.

7 days remain to complete the affiliation process for the forthcoming season. Existing clubs are reminded that there are no affiliation fees for the 2022/2023 season

 Unique usernames and passwords for affiliation via the Blocworx portal were issued on Friday, April 29th, along with resources to support completion of the affiliation process. If you have not received your usernames and passwords, please contact info@iaba.ie

Please note: Clubs have been able affiliate to the IABA for season 2022/23 since 12:00 pm/noon Saturday 30th April. The affiliation period will run from April 30th to May 31st.Only clubs, county boards and provincial councils which have fully completed the IABA’s affiliation process before 1st June 2022 will continue to enjoy the privileges of membership. Clubs, county boards and provincial councils can still submit applications after this date however, they will only enjoy the privileges of membership from the date on which their application receives final sign off. 

  • Any club, county board or and provincial council affiliating beyond June 1st should be aware that their organisation will not enjoy the privileges of membership between June 1st and the date on which their late affiliation is signed-off on.

Online Affiliation Process:

A link to access the affiliation platform, Blocworx, was emailed to Club Secretaries, on Friday, 29th April.

  • Clubs could begin their affiliation process after midday on Saturday, April 30th.
  • Click on the link and use the unique log-in details provided in the email from IABA head office to access the online affiliation platform.
  • To assist clubs, and to streamline the process, the IABA has included the most up to date membership data from last season 2021/22. 
  • Clubs will have the option of adding new members or deleting members from their overall list.
  • Easy to follow instructional videos will be made available to members.
  • Staff will also be available to assist members with the digital affiliation process.
  • Clubs in Munster, Leinster and Connacht can submit their queries to info@iaba.ie and clubs in Ulster can submit their queries to ulster@iaba.ie

Submission of an affiliation application is not confirmation of successful affiliation.

All applications will be reviewed, in full, and signed off on before a clubs, county boards or provincial council will be deemed successfully affiliated.

For the avoidance of doubt: membership shall only become effective on the date all approvals have been finalised. If a dispute arises in relation to a body’s application for affiliation to IABA which leads to the application not being accepted, any monies paid as part of the affiliation process will be refunded to the body in question.

Clubs can change their mind about affiliating to the IABA.

To do this your club will need to give notice in writing. You can do this at any time up to 31st August 2022 after making your membership application and your entire membership will end. If you or any of your linked members enters a club to use the facilities during the cancellation period, the IABA will charge a proportion of the affiliation fee to cover this period and we will refund the balance of any fees you have already paid.

Clubs will only be viewed as affiliated members of the IABA following receipt of an official affiliation letter of acceptance from IABA head office.