93% Of RoI Clubs Successfully Apply For IABA Special Equipment Grant.

The closing date for clubs to submit applications for the IABA special equipment grant has now passed.

There has been a fantastic level of engagement with 93% of all eligible clubs submitting applications.

Thank you to all of the clubs who completed and submitted their applications.

The grant, inclusive of delivery, is comprised of 2 Ergo Club Jumbo Kit Holdalls, each of which contains:

  • 8 x Ergo Leather Skipping Ropes
  • 4 x Ergo Leather Training Headguards
  • 4 x 16oz Ergo Leather Gym Sparring Gloves
  • 1 x Set of Marker Cones
  • 2 x Leather Focus Pads

The equipment will be delivered by Ergo to the delivery address provided by clubs in their applications. It may only be used in by club members participating in boxing training.

Ergo is now preparing an RoI wide distribution of schedule to clubs which have successfully applied.

Delivery is expected to begin in the second quarter of 2022.