Active National Grant Scheme for Sport & Physical Activity for Older People opens to applications.

Boxing clubs are invited to apply for grant funding to support the participation of older people in sport.

Since 2001 Sport Ireland has provided funding to Age & Opportunity for our Active
programme to help increase the participation of older people in recreational sport and
physical activity. This Active National Grant Scheme for Sport and Physical Activity for Older
People is one element of the extensive Active programme which has resulted from this

The Active National Grant Scheme aims to assist in the implementation of locally-developed,
well-planned initiatives designed to increase participation in recreational sport and physical
activity by older people. In particular, the scheme is aimed at:
• supporting the work of Age & Opportunity’s Active Programme including the network of
PALs (Physical Activity Leaders)and CarePALs, and the development of Go for Life Games
and other initiatives;
• assisting local clubs/organisations/care settings to enhance existing opportunities for
their members in recreational sport and physical activity;
• assisting local clubs/organisations/care settings to start new initiatives geared at
involving older people in recreational sport and physical activity;
• encouraging all sports clubs to provide new initiatives within their clubs aimed at getting
older people back to their sport;
• assisting those working in care settings (both nursing homes and day care settings) to
introduce more initiatives to increase physical activity levels of those in their care.

Grants are available to all eligible local clubs, groups, care settings and organisations that
promote increased participation in recreational sport or physical activity for older people as
a main element of their activities. Umbrella bodies, or their agents, are not eligible for
funding under this grant scheme. An exception to this are Local Sports Partnerships who
are eligible to apply.2
Funding for sports clubs will only be considered if the application specifically relates to older
Grants are made available for sport or physical activity for older people and the overall club
membership of applicants must be such that older people will be the beneficiaries of the
grant monies.

Applications are encouraged from clubs/organisations/care settings that:
• have the potential to increase levels and frequency of participation in recreational sport
and physical activity among older people in their setting or local area;
• can act as showcases or successful demonstration projects that can be replicated by
other clubs/organisations/care settings in the future;
• have the potential to develop into a sustainable, longer-term programme;
• are developing initiatives in designated disadvantaged areas;
• are developing initiatives for minority older populations or older groups with special
• have one or more active Physical Activity Leaders (PALs);
• have a CarePAL in their setting;
• are focussed on an outdoor sport or physical activity initiative;
• are developing an online sport or physical activity initiative;
• are making a joint application with other groups in their geographical community.
Applicants who have had previous successful applications processed should take advantage
of PALs workshops. These are a series of workshops teaching older people how to lead their
peers in sport and physical activity. Contact the Active programme team or your local
contacts listed on page 8 for further information.
Funds permitting:
Grants will be between €300 and €700* and may be allocated towards the cost of the
eligible initiatives outlined overleaf.
*Joint applications or applications from Community Development Programmes (CDPs), Local
Sports Partnerships (LSPs) etc. that provide wider access to community groups may be
allocated funding outside of these limits. Any applicants who receive an allocation of more
than €1,000 must provide a tax clearance certificate/tax exemption form.

Physical Activity Programme
For example:
(1) A five-week programme to introduce older people to an activity such as Go for Life
Games, aerobics, aquafit, tai chi etc. The costs of hall hire and a qualified instructor might
form part of the overall cost;
(2) An initiative by a sports club to involve more older people – the purchase of specialised
equipment, facility hire or a qualified independent instructor might form part of the overall
(3) An initiative by a sports club that reaches out to older peoples’ groups within the
community like Active Retirement, ICA groups or Men’s Sheds etc.
(4) A series of yoga or dance classes delivered online to older people;
(5) An outdoor activity like a cycling/walking programme;
(6) Any initiative that involves more marginalised groups within the community e.g. Migrant
or Traveller populations;
(7) Any initiative within a nursing home that encourages residents to be more physically
Purchase of Equipment / Resource Materials
For example: Go for Life Games equipment, pitch and putt set, physical activity kitbag,
badminton racquets. Please note that, Short Mat Bowling equipment will only be considered
for joint applications where it will be shared by two or more groups.
Participation Events
For example: organising regular Go for Life Games or a Sportsfest aimed at introducing older
people to a range of recreational sports.

Non-sporting or non-physical activities – e.g. day trips
Audio-visual equipment – e.g. DVD or CD players, televisions
Exercise machines – e.g. treadmills, rowing machines, stationary bicycles
Clothing or Footwear – of any kind
Ongoing Commitments – e.g. membership fees for gyms or sports clubs, rental of facilities
or employment of professional instructors on an ongoing basis
Club Insurance / Taxes or Rates
Foreign Travel / Visits
Feasibility Studies
Competitions (or costs associated with competing)
Capital Costs – e.g. the development or refurbishment of facilities

• Applicant clubs/organisations/care settings must have public liability insurance in place
covering the activities they wish to promote.
• Applicant clubs/organisations/care settings must provide details of current banking
facilities including full, accurate BIC and IBAN numbers. Note since 2022, post office
accounts will be no longer acceptable.
• Applicant local clubs must have a democratically elected executive.
• Applicant clubs/organisations/care settings shall ensure that sufficient information
about the club/organisation/care setting is provided in the application form to assess its
suitability for funding.
• Age & Opportunity may use the name of the applicant club/organisation/care setting
and details of the usage and outcomes of the grant in its own publicity and successful
applicants shall co-operate, if requested, in efforts to publicise the grant scheme.
• The decision of the Age & Opportunity Active National Grant Scheme Oversight
Committee in all matters relating to grant allocations is final.4
• Successful applicants can only use the grant for the purposes specified on their
application form.
• Applications for grants from successful applicants under the 2022 Active National Grant
Scheme must complete the evaluation section of the application form, if the grant has
been spent.
• Successful applicants must acknowledge Age & Opportunity and Sport Ireland in any
communication, promotion or publicity materials generated in relation to activities
funded by this grant.

Age & Opportunity and Sport Ireland will not accept liability for damage or injury which
might arise in the use of any funds made available. The consequences of any incorrectly
supplied or inaccurate information are the responsibility of the club or organisation

Completed Application Forms should reach Age & Opportunity’s Active Programme office
before 12 noon on Friday 24th February 2023. Grant allocations will be announced in early
May 2023.