Advisory re: International Olympic Committee statement

The IABA has become aware of events that have the potential to impact members and clubs. The IABA is sharing this information with you because of that potential impact.

Please see the below statement by IOC Sports Director Kit McConnell; speaking following the International Olympic Committee Executive Board meeting on March 19th. This took place after the completion of the 1st Olympic World Qualifier, administered by the IOC’s Paris Boxing Unit. An IOC Boxing Taskforce administered boxing at the Tokyo Olympic Games. 

“The IOC EB made it clear, once again, that this must be the last time that such a process can be undertaken by the IOC. Following the decision by the IOC Session last year, the inclusion of boxing in the LA28 Olympic programme is on hold and not confirmed. If there is no boxing body supported and driven by the National Federations, we will not be in a position to include boxing in the Olympic programme.  So it’s now up to the National Federations to drive this change and to work to create a body that we can work in partnership with, because we cannot move forward with this current situation.”

Mr. McConnell adds “The IOC Session in Mumbai in 2023 also made it clear that the IBA will not be involved in the organisation of the boxing tournament at LA28, should boxing be included in the sports programme.”

You can watch the press conference below, and read the IOC statement here

The Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) heard the appeal by the International Boxing Association’s (IBA) against the decision taken by the Executive Board of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) to recommend to the IOC Session to withdraw the recognition of the IBA in November. It is expected to issue its ruling in the coming months.

 IABA will up-date you on these matters as more information becomes available.