AGM, On Company Matters, Scheduled.

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IABA will hold an AGM on company matters, only, on Monday, December 20th at 7pm

The holding of an AGM before December 31st is a requirement of the Companies Act, is permitted by means of electronic communications in the Companies (Miscellaneous Provisions (Covid-19) Act 2020 Section 174A (3),(5).

No elections to any office will be held at this meeting.

As advised on November 22nd, the deferral of the election element of the AGM is to allow candidates in the elections to Central Council affected by the recent determination of the Independent Membership Panel to exercise their right to an external appeal of that decision, using the mechanisms of Sports Dispute Service Ireland, SDSI.

AGM Agenda:
1. Chairperson’s welcome address
2. Adoption of minutes of the 2020 AGM
3. Safeguarding report
4. Anti-doping report
5. 2020 audited financial statements and directors report
6. Re-appointment of auditors, by ballot of club voting delegates.

This event is being held online, only. All attendees need to register for tickets through Eventbrite and also set up a Zoom Account with a matching email address, per attendee. Affiliated clubs can register here

Affiliated clubs can register two attendees – a club voting delegate and a non-voting delegate.

Registration through Eventbrite will include an option for club voting delegates (1 per affiliated club) to vote on Item 6, the re-appointment of auditors. Club voting delegates can vote on Item 6 during the Eventbrite registration process. The result of the vote on re-appointment of auditors will be announced at the AGM.

In order to confirm numbers, registration will close on Wednesday 15th December at 12pm. Only registered and affiliated IABA members will be permitted to attend the AGM.

Questions on company matters can be submitted to Company Secretary, John Nangle, via by Wednesday 15th December at 12pm, marked for the attention of the Company Secretary.

Annual Report & Financial Statement:
BKRM Corporate Services, have prepared an Annual Report and Financial Statement for the financial year ended December 31st, 2020. The report and statement were emailed to clubs on November 19th, and are available on the IABA website, here. Signed and scanned version is attached.

The remaining items on the originally scheduled agenda: elections, CEO up-date and the President’s closing address, will take place at a meeting to be announced in due course.


All clubs attending remotely are advised to set up a Zoom account well before the AGM. IABA has published a how-to guide on setting up a Zoom account, is attached