Annual Club Forum to begin in 2024.

As announced by President Gerry O’Mahony at the AGM on November 18th, a Club Forum will come in to being in 2024:

Central Council wants to make sure every club and every member has a space and platform to share their views, and make proposals for change – this could be on competitions, on rules and the rule book – on any and every boxing matter.

That is why the Officer Board is introducing a Club Forum. The first one will take place before March 31st next. If more than one forum is needed every year, the Officer Board is happy to look at that.

Because boxing is an all-island sport, the Club Forum will be held on a rotating basis between each of the Provincial Councils – subject to agreement by Central Council, this could mean, for example, that the 2024 Club Forum takes place in Connacht. Central Council, once the details have been finalized, will share all arrangements with all clubs and members as soon as possible.

This is an important step forward in ensuring that every club and every member has a voice in our sport.

President Gerry O’Mahony

This forum, operated and managed by Central Council, will be an opportunity to discuss any and all boxing matters, from competitions, to rules, to the calendar, and any other boxing matter clubs and members feel should be debated.

The forum will be open to every adult member of every successfully affiliated club.

The first forum, as confirmed by President O’Mahony, will take place before March 31st next. The forum will take place at least once per annum, but, if Central Council decides, can take place more frequently.

The time, date and location of the first Club Forum will be announced in the New Year.