County Antrim Boxing Championships

Please see attachment for draws 1905B4-7prog (2)

Dr Michael McKenna examined 73 boxers this morning at Corpus Christi and passed all as FTB. Competing for a prestigious County Antrim title and the chance for National Honours will be

24 x B4s
24 x B5s and
16 x B6s plus
9 x B7s will get competition before the National U18s in July.

Boxing starts Tuesday night again at Corpus Christi Boxing Club with 13 semi-finals, 10 straight finals on Wed night and the remaining 10 finals on Thursday night all at 8pm start.

Weigh-ins are required for Finals, either the night before morning weigh-in, request with Tony Leonard at Corpus Christi or the night of your final.

Additional bouts can be arranged, agree with opponent’s coach/club and let me know which night. Plus/minus a weight and year as prior.

Good luck to all boxers and clubs


Antrim Boxing