Applications open: Sport Ireland Energy Support Scheme.

Sport Ireland is opening Phase Three of its Sport Energy Support Scheme to boxing clubs, and applications can be made here

The deadline for applications is January 31st. Clubs which applied to the scheme in 2022, are welcome and eligible to apply for Phase Three support.

This funding is designed to support boxing clubs with rising energy costs associated with operation

  • Increased costs between Sept 1st 2019 and July 31st 2020 vs Sep 1st 2022 to July 31st 2023
  • The Scheme is aimed at supporting Clubs in the Republic of Ireland only
  • This Scheme is aimed at covering the difference in energy costs during the above period – – so, if a bill in the period Sept 1st 2019 and July 31st 2020 was E100, and the same bill in the period Sep 1st 2022 to July 31st 2023 was E150, the eligible cost is E50.
  • Clubs applying for support must be able to demonstrate payment of these costs.
  • If your energy costs are included in your expenses (e.g. rent), you will need to demonstrate these costs separately
  • Eligibility is based on proof of payment
  • The scheme is subject to Sport Ireland audit
  • Deadline for submission January 31st 2024


We’ll hold an information session on this grant at 1pm on Tuesday, January 9th. Any club which submits an application will be automatically invited to the webinar.

Please note that:

  • General cost of living increases including increased costs in accommodation, rent, rates or labour costs are not eligible.
  • As per Government direction, fuel costs associated with machinery, vehicles, travel or transport do not qualify.
  • Non-Energy related increases or pre-existing debts or deficits are also ineligible.

Scheme Guidelines