The weigh-ins for the Boy 4 and Junior 1 & 2 National Championships will be held throughout Ireland on Sunday, May 19.

Boxing begins on May 24 at the National Stadium.

Please scroll down for tournament Circular.



Please inform clubs within your unit of boxers you have entered.


10th May 2019

Boxing: May 24th, 25th, 31st, June 1st, 7th & 8th

The Above times are subject to change, dependent on entries

Venue: National Stadium, Dublin.

Weigh-In& Medical 9am to 10.00am, Sunday, 19th May at the following venues:

Connaught: Dalton Inn, Claremorris, (9.30am-10.30am)

Leinster St Michaels Boxing Club, Athy

Dublin: Ringside Club, National Stadium

Munster: Firgrove Hotel, Mitchelstown

Ulster: Deele college, Lifford, Co Donegal

Antrim: Dockers Social Club, Antrim

Following the Provincial Weigh-ins there will be no further weigh-ins until the days of finals. Check website for times.

Draw: 12.00pm on Tuesday 21st May in National Stadium Board room.

At the conclusion of the weigh-in, details of the weights will be sent by email to where the draw will be take place on Tuesday 21st May at approximately 12.00pm. Programme will be sent to all units and posted on the website. Please do not call the office for information.

All 6 units are requested to have a representative at the draw.


Boy 4 & Junior 1: 27kg; 29kg; 31kg; 33kg; 36kg; 39kg; 42kg; 44kg; 46kg; 48kg; 50kg; 52kg; 54kg; 57kg; 60kg; 63kg; 66kg; 70kg; 75kg; 80kg; 80+ kg.

Junior 2: 29kg, 31kg; 33kg; 36kg; 39kg; 42kg; 44kg; 46kg; 48kg; 50kg; 52kg; 54kg; 57kg; 60kg; 63kg; 66kg; 70kg; 75kg; 80kg; 80+ kg .

Rounds: Boxing will be 3 x 1 ½ Minute rounds for Boy 4 and 3 x 2 minute rounds for Junior 1 and Junior 2

Entries: To be made on the enclosed forms and sent through the Secretaries of the Provincial Councils and of the Antrim and Dublin County Boards in accordance with Rule. Entries to reach the undersigned at The National Stadium by Thursday 16th May.

Entry Fee: Medical Record Cards and entry fee of 10 Euros must be produced at the initial weigh in. Boxers must advise details of any medication they are taking or have taken in the preceding 4 weeks. Anti Doping may be carried out at any stage of the competition.

Attention is called to the stipulation in the IABA Rule book that each boxer presented by his/her club shall be fit to box. This is the responsibility of the club.

Attire: Coaches must wear tracksuits and runners in their corners at all sessions and endeavour to set a high standard of hygiene. Only qualified coaches are permitted in corners.

N.B. It is a condition of entry that all boxers and their clubs have signed and submitted the Members Acknowledgement Form and it is the responsibility of the entering unit that this stipulation is complied with.

Yours Sincerely,

Art O’Brien

Hon Secretary

Irish Athletic Boxing Association