Irish interim head coach Zaur Antia with Darren O'Neill

Irish interim head coach Zaur Antia with Darren O’Neill



Darren O’Neill’s Caciques de Venezuela beat Paddy Barnes’ and Steven Donnelly’s Hussars of Poland in Warsaw yesterday.

The South American team, who were 3-1 up going into the last bout, won 3-2 on the night.

Neither O’Neill, Barnes or Donnelly were in action last evening.

O’Neill needs two fights – regardless of result – with Caciques de Venezuela to make May’s WSB v AIBA Pro Boxing (AIBA) Olympic qualifiers in Sofia, Bulgaria.

Barnes and Donnelly have already qualified forn Rio 2016, along with Michael Conlan and Joe Ward.

David Oliver Joyce will have the option of competing in the WSB v APB qualifiers. However, it’s an option he’ll gladly forfeit because if he books a ticket for Rio 2016 in April’s AIBA Open Boxing (AOB) qualifier in Samsun, Turkey, May’s WSB v APB dust up will be of academic interest only.

Joyce and Joe Ward are contracted to APB. APB boxers can compete in AOB if the latter is part of an Olympic qualification process.





Irish Boxers 2016  WSB Season

91kg+ Dean Gardiner (Puerto Rico Hurricanes)
91kg Darren O’Neill (Venezuela Caciques)
75kg Steven Donnelly (Hussars Poland)
49kg Paddy Barnes (Hussars Poland)