Irish heavyweight Kiril Afanasev and Cuba’s Erislandy Savon meet in today’s Chemistry Cup 91kg final in Halle, Germany.

The current Irish and Cuban champions clash in the 9th bout on the program which begins at 2pm (Irish time).

Afanasev, who claimed his first Irish Elite belt in February after beating Kevin Sheehy at the National Stadium, has won his last four international outings for Ireland against the USA (2), India and Germany and remains unbeaten this year.

Savon, a nephew of legendary three-time Olympic champion Felix Savon, is the current World Elite champion.

Afanasev is guaranteed at least silver in Halle. Overall, team Ireland will be brining home one silver and four bronze.

The squad are due to arrive home at 7.40pm tomorrow night, June 24, via Dublin Airport (Terminal 1).

Image: Kiril Afanasev with Irish head coach Zaur Antia and Irish coach Jimmy Payne

45th Men’s Chemistry Cup Halle, Germany June 19/24

June 20th

Last 16

64kg Wayne Kelly (Ireland) beat Artur Badalian (Ukraine) 5-0
75kg Michael Nevin (Ireland) lost to Vikas Krishan (India) 0-5
60kg George Bates (Ireland) beat Artur Bril (Germany) 4-1
69kg Kieran Molloy (Ireland) beat Richard Meinecke (Germany) 5-0
56kg Kurt Walker (Ireland) beat Omar El Hag (Germany) 4-1


52kg Conor Quinn (Ireland) beat Umar Bajwa (Germany) 5-0

June 21st


56kg Kurt Walker (Ireland) lost to Vasilii Vetkin (Russia) 1-4
60kg George Bates (Ireland) beat Lucas Bandi (Canada) 4-1
64kg Wayne Kelly (Ireland) lost to Kastriot Sopa (Germany) 2-3
69kg Kieran Molloy (Ireland) beat Thomas Zold (Slovakia) 5-0
81kg Joe Ward (Ireland) beat Pavil Silygan (Russia) 4-1
91kg Kiril Afanasev (Ireland) beat Lucian Kohne (Germany) 5-0
91kg+ Dean Gardiner (Ireland) lost to Angel Gomez-Larduet (Cuba) 0-5

June 22


52kg Conor Quinn (Ireland) lost to Salanki Gaurov (India) 0-5
60kg George Bates (Ireland) lost to Jorge Estrada-Alvarez (Cuba) 0-5
69kg Kieran Molloy (Ireland) lost to Iglesias Sotolongo (Cuba) 0-5
81kg Joe Ward (Ireland) lost to Julio La Cruz (Cuba) 2-3
91kg Kiril Afanasev (Ireland) beat David Michalek (Slovakia) W/O

June 23


91kg Kiril Afanasev (Ireland) v Erislandy Savon (Cuba)

Irish Squad

52kg Conor Quinn (Clonard) (Bronze)
56kg Kurt Walker (Canal)
60kg George Bates (St Marys) (Bronze)
64kg Wayne Kelly (Portlaoise)
69kg Kieran Molloy (Oughterard) (Bronze)
75kg Michael Nevin (Portlaoise)
81kg Joe Ward (Sparticus) (Bronze)
91kg Kiril Afanasev (Smithfield) (Silver,at least)
91+kg Dean Gardiner (Clonmel)

Head coach: Zaur Antia
Coahes: Michael Carruth, Philip Keogh, Paul Thompson
Physio: Kevin Boyd