Club Affiliation Notice: Inclusion Of New Members.

Affiliation for the 2022/2023 season is scheduled to commence in April and take place through the Blocworx platform.

IABA is working with Blocworx to make the system more user-friendly and efficient. IABA has also sought the input of county boards and provincial units to contribute to that process.

Clubs who have not been up-dating their new members since the beginning of the season in to Blocworx are advised to begin doing so now – this will ensure that the affiliation process for your club takes as little time as possible.

Usernames and passwords issued to clubs for this season’s affiliation process have not changed, and can be used, at any time, to add new members. These were issued, by email, to all clubs in July 2021.

If any club needs assistance in updating the new members section of their Blocworx portal, or would like their usernames and passwords re-issued, they can contact National Development Manager, James Geraghty through