Entry to National Level Competitions

Entry requirements for all National level IABA Championships

As of November 2019, entry to all National championships will be done by means of pre-entry only.

All clubs whose boxers intend on participating in upcoming championships must complete the appropriate form of entry (see below).

The ‘Under 18 Years of Age’ form applies to boxers participating in all Juvenile Championships up to and including U-18 Championships where boxers have not reached the age of 18 years on the day they sign their entry form for submittal. It is imperative that parents/guardians also sign this entry form.

The ‘Senior Boxers’ form applies to all boxers participating in Championships where the named boxer has reached the age 18 years on the day they sign their form for submittal.

For all Juvenile Championships where qualification is earned through a boxers Unit, the clubs will be informed by their Unit of their qualification and then that club will be solely responsible for ensuring that their boxer has completed the entry form and submitted the correct entry fee and record book as required.

U-18 Entry Form for Competitions

Entry Form for Competitions OVER 18