New Club Setup & Affiliations

2017/2018 Affiliations

2017/2018 affiliations have been sent to each club secretary as of 8th May 2017. Please ensure you fill in each section properly and completely and return to your county board with the appropriate payment.

Fees for 2017/2018 are – Affiliation €15   Insurance €650    Total €665.

We regularly review our insurance arrangements to ensure that our members are sufficiently protected and that the premiums charged remain competitive and fair to all our clubs.

Although we have been able to negotiate to maintain the level of premiums charged for the last 2 years, due to increasing insurance costs, we need to make sure that insurance premiums accurately reflect insurance costs.

Link to copy of the affiliation form: Affiliation Form IABA 2017-2018 Pack

Steps to be Followed for Setting Up a New Club

To set up a new club all coaches need to be Garda vetted or (vetting application pending)with the IABA and then sit at the very least a Level 1 Coaching course run by the Provincial Councils.

A Child Protection Officer must be appointed, this person must also be Garda vetted (or Garda Vetting pending) and have completed a Child Protection Program.

These courses are Run by Sport Ireland through the Provincial Councils.

To be affiliated with the Irish Athletic Boxing Association and to be insured in participating in training and boxing events you will need to fill out an the affiliation form and forward a cheque for €665 to your County Board. This cheque covers insurance for the year and administration costs for Provincial Council, County Board and National Boxing Council.

Secretaries of all the County Boards and Provincial Councils can be found within the ‘CLUB ZONE’ section on the website.