Boxing Benefits


Improved Fitness Levels

As boxing provides intense cardiovascular exercise, it is an efficient way to improve your stamina and the strength of your heart.One hour on a punch bag would burn approximately 354 calories, an hour’s sparring would burn approximately 531 calories and an actual hour-long fight would burn approximately 708 calories. The US-based Centres for Disease Control Prevention reported that boxing provided the best mixture of exercise for people whose goal is to decrease their risk of obesity, heart disease, stroke, diabetes, osteoporosis and cancer. Essentially, the Sport of boxing helps both children and young adults lead a healthy lifestyle.

improve performance

Improved Life and Communication Skills

Boxing Training sessions are also an excellent way to develop communication skills and learn to work effectively with other people. It teaches the athlete confidence, self-management, discipline and respect. Other important life skills learned through the sport of boxing  include Strategic and Tactical thinking which can be channelled into future business or other careers outside of the sporting ring.

Social Benefits

The IABA  and its Clubs  at all times strive to give a positive focus to youths and each club creates a sense of togetherness and collaboration with extended families and the wider Community. Many of the Clubs also offer a variety of social events beyond simply taking part in the sport.