Competition News: Boy/Girl 1 & 2 National Championships Girl 1 & 2 Finals Programme

The Boy/Girl 1 & 2 National Championship Girl 1 and 2 finals will take place this on Saturday.

Boxing will take place at Drimnagh Boxing Club, Keeper Road, Drimnagh, Dublin 12.

Weigh-in times are: 8am – 9am and 12pm – 1pm.

All boxers must weigh-in each day they box. 

Any boxer who received a walkover must also weigh-in on the day that their respective age group finals are taking place.

Boxing begins at 11am

Red Corner                                                                                Blue Corner

Girl 1 Finals

  1. 29kg    Angeline Duffy (Glin) Vs. Louise Joyce (Olympic L)
  2. 31kg    Carly Voyle (Immaculata A): W/O
  3. 33kg    Cara Taggart (St Pauls A): W/O
  4. 35kg    Sonia Vilku (St Pappins): W/O
  5. 37kg    Sophie Healy: W/O
  6. 39kg    Megan O’Sullivan (Tralee): W/O
  1. 41.5kg Ava Chism (Golden Star U): W/O
  2. 43kg    Ali Gorman (Setanta L) Vs. Alannah Field (Northside)
  3. 45kg    Claire Crowley (Riverstown) Vs. Sloan Preston (St Pappins)
  4. 47kg    Chloe Hasan (Cairn Lodge) Vs. Holly Dineen (Muskerry)
  5. 49kg    Kaysie Joyce (Clonmel) Vs. Caitlin Scully (Monkstown D)
  6. 51kg    Scarlett Ball (Trojan) Vs. Paige Nickles (Banbridge)
  7. 53kg    Ruby Sweeney (St Annes) Vs. Mikayla Heapes (Jobstown)
  1. 55kg    Rachel Herron (Raphoe): W/O
  2. 59kg    Niamh Smith (Crumlin) Vs. Michelle McDonagh (Sliabh Luachra)
  3. 63kg    Kayla O’Connell Vs. Ellie Sinnott (South East)
  4. 68kg    Ailish Blake (Muskerry) Vs. Katie Rasdake (Erne)
  5. 75kg    Ava Lannan (Dungarvan): W/O
  6. 75+kg Carly Norris (Glin) Vs. Ria Murphy (Portadown)

                                                       Girl 2 Finals

  1. 39kg    Tracey McCarthy (Brian Dillons)  Vs. Jessica Foyle (Gleann)
  2. 41kg    Elma Barry (Setanta L) Vs.Lauren Doherty (Fr Horgans)
  3. 43kg    Ellie O’Brien (Tramore): W/O
  4. 45kg    Molly Joyce (Cabra) Vs. Alannah O’Brien (Setanta L)
  5. 47kg    Chloe Cox (St Davids): W/O
  1. 51kg    Shakira Cairns (Northside) Vs. Chloe Murphy (Neilstown)
  2. 53kg    Courtney Keating (Northside) Vs. Robyn Carlyle (Crumlin)
  3. 55kg    Tara Simmons (Golden Star U) Vs. Claire Keating (Paulstown)
  4. 57kg    Grace Elstone (Knockmore/Fox): W/O
  5. 59kg    Irene O’Neill (Charleville): W/O
  6. 63kg    Leah Moore (Ballybough) Vs. Kayleigh Byrne (Gorey)
  1. 66kg    Alanna Kenny (Clonmel) Vs. Rhianna Langan (Knockmore/Foxford)
  2. 68kg    Lucy Coughlan (Midleton): W/O
  3. 76kg    Abbey Hendricken (Neilstown) Vs. Orla Ryan (Tipperary Town)

The remaining stages of the National Boy/Girl 1 & 2 Championships will be spectator free. 

This means that only the boxers, their coaches and the Championship officials can attend the venue. No parents, siblings or relatives will be allowed entry. All coaches and officials must provide their EU Digital COVID Certificate (vaccine or recovery certificate) prior to gaining admittance to the venue.

Previous results:

Sunday December 12th

Boy 2 finals (11am)

27kg Gary McDonagh (Killcullen) W/O
29kg Thomas McFarlane (Immaculata A) W/O
31kg Robert Quinn (Clonard A) beat Michael Stokes (Oakleaf) 5-0
33kg Mason Moran (Dungarvan) W/O
35kg Michael O’Reilly (St Pauls M) beat Kyle Duncan (Gorey) 5-0
37kg Cameron Kearns (Glasnevin) W/O
38.5kg Kurt Kinsella (Monkstown D) beat Ryan Grimley (Armagh) 4-1
40kg Harvey Cochrane (Castle) beat Bradley McDonagh (Olympic C) RSC2
41.5kg Jay Fee (Two Castles) Warren Ormond (Whitechurch) 4-1
43kg Christian Doyle (Olympic L) beat Paddy McAleer (Oughterard) RSC2
44.5kg Eddie Corcoran (Olympic C) beat Christian Sweeney (Ballina) 5-0
46kg Brandon Geoghegan (Jobstown) beat Kane Brannigan (Lisburn) 5-0
48kg Willie Donoghue (Templemore) beat David Tennyson (Dungloe) 5-0
50kg Conor Whitehouse (Cookstown) beat Sean Maughan (Ballina) 3-2
52kg Arthur Doherty (Phoenix A) beat Charlie Sweeney (Gurteen) 5-0
54kg John Donoghue (Olympic L) Sean Henderson (Golden Star U) RSC1
56kg Conor Kearney (St Brigids) beat Levi Mongan (Olympic C) 5-0
59kg Brodric Abdudiore (Jobstown) beat Ben Reid (Tolerton) RSC2
62kg Finlay Niblock (Banbridge) beat Cody Goggin (Ballyduff) 5-0
65kg Joe Joyce (——-) W/O
68kg Martin Keenan (Glen) beat Jamie Kennedy (Gorey) 5-0
72kg Johnny Doherty (Baldoyle) beat Jim Mongans (Rathkeale) 3-2
74kg Tommy Myers (Sligo City) beat Jude Fitzgerald (Dungarvan) RSC1
76kg Lewis Hackett (Clonmel) beat Chulainn (McDonnell (Whitechurch) 4-1
80kg Richard Kiely (Midleton) beat Sean Kilcoyne (St Annes) RSC1
86kg Darren Daly (St Annes) W/O

Saturday December 11th

Girl 1 Semi-Finals (11am)

43kg Ali Gorman (Setanta L) W/O
43kg Alannah Field (Northside) beat Aoibheann Kelly (St Annes) 5-0
45kg Claire Crowley (Riverstown) beat Sophie Lawlor (Wexford) 5-0
45kg Sloan Preston (St Pappins) beat Lily Fitzpatrick (Rathfirland) 3-2
51kg Scarlett Ball (Trojan) W/O
51kg Paige Nickles (Banbridge) beat Frances Bergin (Castlerea) 5-0
53kg Mikayla Heapes (Jobstown) beat Saoirse Walsh (Northside) 5-0
63kg Ellie Sinnott (South East) beat Madina Bagirova (Smithfield)

Girl 2 Semi-Finals

41kg Lauren Doherty (——) beat Madina Bagirova (Smithfield) RSC2
45kg Molly Joyce (Cabra) beat Shauna McCrudden (Riverside) 3-2
45kg Alannah O’Brien (Setanta L) W/O
51kg Chloe Murphy (Neilstown) beat Sarah Conlin (Golden Star U) RSC2
53kg Robyn Carlyle (Crumlin) beat Ellie Fenlon (Paulstown) 5-0
55kg Tara Simmons (Golden Star U) W/O
55kg Claire Keating (Paulstown) beat Alana Harrington (De Courcey) 5-0
63kg Leah Moore (Ballybough) beat Katie Little (Rathkeale) RSC2
63kg Kayleigh Byrne (Gorey) beat Annjolie Maughan (Whitechurch) RSC3

Boy 1 finals (3pm)

29kg Jude Reilly (Immaculata A) beat David Quigley (Cove) RSC2
31kg Conal Dunlop (St Pauls A) beat Taylor Parke (Raphoe) 4-1
33kg Lee Largey Snodden (Immaculata A) beat Kristian Jubani (Crumlin) 4-1
35kg Mikey (McDonagh (Avona) beat Gareth Doyle (Dunree) 5-0
37kg Kaleb Walsh (Wexford CBS) Alex Delaney (Galway) 5-0
38.5kg Callum McAlinden (Banbridge) beat David Nevin (Monkstown) 5-0
40kg Owen McCann (Saints) beat Ronan McBreaty (Two Castles) 5-0
41.5kg Liam Waters (Riverstown) beat Faustas Gudiatis (Claremorris) 5-0
43kg Jason Donoghue (Olympic L) beat Jimmy O’Brien (Kanturk) 5-0
44.5kg Kai Daynes (Immaculata A) beat Daithi Kelly (Frenchpark) RSC3
46kg Francis Regan (Immaculata) beat Bernie McDonagh (Galway) 3-2
48kg James Rooney (Gleann) beat Tadgh McCarthy (Crumlin) 5-0
50kg Padraig Scott (Glengormley) beat Kingston Olumva (Riverstown)RSC3
52kg Darragh Ryan (Drimnagh) beat Cameron Pearse (St Michaels Athy) 5-0
54kg William Heaphy (Leeside Lough) beat Micheal Sweeney (Olympic C) 4-1
56kg Shane Duke (Dukes) beat Jack Gorman (St Monicas) 5-0
59kg Anthony Crickard (Holy Trinity) beat David Faulkner 4-1
62kg Senan Kennedy (Cabra) beat John McDonagh (Galway) RSC1
65kg Aidan O’Connell (Paulstown) beat Simon McDonagh (St Annes) RSC2
68kg Danny Hogan (Mulhuddart) W/O
74kg Jamie Barrett (Titans) beat Michael Downey (Muskerry) 4-1
80kg Callum Barrett (Olympic C) W/O
86kg Reuben Kehoe (Wexford CBS) W/O

Friday December 10th

Boy 2 semi-finals (6pm)

48kg Willie Donoghue (Templemore) beat James Hayden (Crumlin) 3-2
48kg David Tennyson (Dungloe) beat Francis McCullagh (McCullaghs) 5-0
50kg Sean Maughan (Ballina) beat Max Finn (Gorey) 3-2
50kg Conor Whitehouse (Cookstown) beat Martin McDonagh (Rathkeale) 5-0
52kg Arthur Doherty (Phoenix A) beat Jim Mongans (OLOL) 5-0
52kg Charlie Sweeney (Gurteen) beat Joe Cunningham (St Josephs U) 5-0
54kg Sean Henderson (Golden Star U) W/O
54kg John Donoghue (Olympic L) beat Kaylen Paisley (Ballybrack) RSC2
56kg Levi Mongan (Olympic C) beat Callum Cummins (Sacred Heart D) 4-1
56kg Conor Kearney (St Brigids) beat Pat Quilligan (Saviours Crystal) 5-0
59kg Ben Reid (Tolerton) beat Eamon Maguire (Claremorris) 4-1
59kg Brodric Abdudiore (Jobstown) W/O
65kg Finlay Niblock (Banbridge) W/O
68kg Martin Keenan (Glen) W/O
68kg Jamie Kennedy (Gorey) beat Brian Ward (Gurteen) RSC1
72kg Johnny Doherty (Baldoyle) beat Ruairi Fitzsimmons (Immaculata A) AB2
76kg Lewis Hackett (Clonmel) W/O
76kg Chulainn (McDonnell (Whitechurch) W/O