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August  2016 Version 1 to IABA Board and approved for use


 Irish Athletic Boxing Association

Complaints Procedure


The Irish Athletic Boxing Association (IABA), are committed to ensuring that, in line with our ‘Equity Policy’, all of its users are treated with fairness and respect

If, for any reason, users feel that this commitment has not been honoured, the following guidelines will help you to bring this to our attention.

  1. When an Issue Arises

If for any reason you are not happy with any aspect of the service you have received from The Irish Athletic Boxing Association, in the first instance, you should speak to the member of staff or volunteer concerned.

The IABA will try to settle complaints at this stage to the satisfaction of everyone.

  1. In Case You Are Unhappy With the Initial Response

 Should you not be satisfied at this stage, you should ring the head office of The Irish Athletic Boxing Association, where your concern can be registered.

We can tell you how this will be processed.

We will then give you details of the head of the department or committee responsible for your concern.

You should then write to this person stating as many details as possible about the issue, setting out the facts in a logical manner, including times and dates and who was involved.

You will receive a written acknowledgment of your communication within 5 working days and a full written response within 10 working days.

The head of that department or committee secretary will investigate your concern personally.

We keep matters confidential and you can expect to be treated in a respectful and professional manner.

  1. Making It Formal

 If you are unsatisfied and believe that your concern requires further attention, you should write to us at:

The Irish Athletic Boxing Association, National Stadium, 145 South Circular Road, Dublin D08 HY40






4.  What Might I Complain About?

Although the following list is not exhaustive, It gives our users an idea of the issues that may lead to a feeling of mistreatment, resulting in a complaint:

We have failed to give you access to information or have given you incorrect advice or information;

We have not treated you politely or have not worked within the law or in line with our policies or procedures;

We have not treated you fairly.

You have been the victim of discrimination such as sectarian or racist behavior at an IABA event, seminar, course or bout. (Please also refer to our further information leaflet on reporting discriminatory events within the IABA).

Equal opportunities

The Irish Athletic Boxing Association are committed to equal opportunities and take complaints about discrimination very seriously.

We may record information about the ethnic background, sex, disability and community background of anyone who makes a formal complaint, to enable us to maintain our equal opportunities commitment.

We will keep all information confidential.
Comments and suggestions

We welcome comments and suggestions as these can help us improve our services. Please send any comments or suggestions to the IABA Head Office address, above.