COVID-19 Guidance Level 3 Restrictions

Dear Members,

Please be advised, the IABA are awaiting further confirmation from Sport Ireland in relation to Level 3 restrictions on indoor individual training. We will issue this additional guidance directly through the National Secretary and IABA website once we have received it.

At this present time, we have been advised that Level 3 individual indoor training should not exceed more than one individual. These individual sessions can be overseen/supervised by one coach however, they MUST adhere to government Covid-19 guidelines.

Members are reminded that official IABA Covid-19 updates are issued through the National Secretary, the Staff team, the website – and the official IABA Facebook page –

Members are advised to use these official channels only, when accessing IABA updates in relation to Covid-19.

Please Stay Safe and keep updated of all public health measures. For more information please visit: