National Stadium 1

Please scroll down for Day 2 results and corresponding draws from the National Senior Championships at Dublin’s National Stadium.

Thirty five bouts were completed today in a marathon session, taking the number of contests resolved over the last 24 hour to forty seven.

The tournament resumes next Friday evening.

Friday weigh-ins – 8am to 9am and 12pm to 1pm.

National Senior Men’s and Women’s Championships 2016

November 12th
Prelim (11am)

60kg Gary McDonald (Corrib) beat  Jason Scully (Portlaoise) 2-1
60kg Dylan Duffy (Pegasus) beat Finbar Thompson (Southside) 3-0
60kg Frankie Cleary (Olympic) beat Piaras Casey (St Johns Derry) TKO1
60kg Stephen Lockhart (Baldoyle) beat Christopher Riggs(Mulhuddart) 2-1
64kg Jade Gibbons (Crumlin) W/O
64kg Joseph Kelly (St Canices) beat  Niall O’Connor (Monkstown) 3-0
64kg Eugene McKeever (Holy Family D) beat  Martin McDonagh (Olympic) 2-1
64kg Vinny Esler (All Saints) beat  Thomas Myers (Sligo City) 3-0
64kg Teo Alin (Cookstown) beat Casey Berry (Bray) 2-1
69kg Orin McDermott (Raphoe) beat James Cahill (St Teresas) 3-0
69kg Conor Ivors (Thurles) beat Sean Hunt (Palmerstown) 2-1
69kg John Maughan (St Mary’s Dublin) beat Foad Baghban (Dunboyne) 3-0
69kg Darren Timlin (Geesala) beat Craig Bonney (Trinity Boys) 2-1
69kg Thomas O’Toole (Celtic Eagles) beat Karl Kinga (Maynooth) 3-0
69kg Nathan Watson (Saints) beat Dylan Barnes (Saviours Crystal) 3-0
69kg Dan Houlihan (Kilcullen) beat Peter Fabian (St Marys Dublin) 3-0
69kg Owen Bergin (Portlaoise) beat Eoin Duffy (Crumlin) 2-1
75kg Paul Kelly (Twin Towns) beat Niall McDermott (Ballinacarrow) TKO3
75kg Tony McGlynn (Crumlin) beat  Jason Clancy (Ballinacarrow) 2-1
75kg Chris McClean (Two Castles) beat Michael McDonagh (Kilnamanagh) 2-1
75kg Ryan Cleary (Cookstown) beat  Stephen Chambers (Castlebar) 2-1
75kg Conal Deeny (Carrickmore) beat Martin Lynch (Illies GG) 2-1
75kg James Daly (St Annes) beat Adam Keenan (Gorey) 2-1
75kg Peter Carr (Crumlin) beat Barry Kennedy (Ballincarrow) 3-0
75kg Kelyn Cassidy (Saviours Crystal) beat David Bicevas (St Saviours OBA) 3-0
81kg Garbhan Friel (Illes GG) beat Shane O’Brien (Corpus Christi) TKO2
81kg David McDonnell (Crumlin) beat Pierce Sherry (Johnstown) 3-0
81kg Karol Delugosz (Scorpion) beat Andrei Moranu (Dunboyne)  TKOI1
81kg Brian Kennedy (St Marys Daingean) beat  Robert Burke (Glasnevin) 3-0
81kg Philip Hickey (Paulstown) beat  Dylan Devine (St Davids) 2-1
81kg Michael Frayne (St Marys Dublin) beat Graham O’Shea (Corpus Christi) TKO1
81kg John McDonagh (Letterkenny) beat Brian Ward (Olympic) KO2
91+kg Martin Keenan (Rathkeale) beat Patrick Nevin (St Michaels Dublin) 3-0
91+kg Damien Sullivan (Emerald U) beat Aidan O’Neill (Paulstown) 3-0
91+kg Eamon Tighe (Ballinacarrow) beat  Thomas Conroy (Celtic Eagles) 3-0

November 11th

Prelim (7pm)

64kg Joseph Kelly (St Canices) beat Ben Teeling (Bracken) 3-0
64kg Niall O’Connor (Monkstown) beat  Erik Batuk (Ballina) 3-0
64kg Eugene McKeever (Holy Family D) beat Levani Antia (St Teresas) 3-0
64kg Martin McDonagh (Olympic) beat Colm Quinn (Castebar) 3-0
64kg Vinny Esler (All Saints) beat Michael O’Domhnaill (Conamara) 3-0
64kg Thomas Myers (Sligo City) beat  Aidan Metcalfe (Crumlin) TKO3
64kg Casey Berry (Bray) beat Jamie Long (Muskerry) 2-1
64kg Teo Alin (Cookstown) beat Matthew Murnion (St Bronaghs) 3-0
69kg Dan Houlihan (Kilcullen) beat Senan Dwyer (Kilnamanagh) 2-1
69kg Owen Bergin (Portlaoise) beat James Lynch (Ballinacarrow) 2-1
69kg Eoin Duffy (Crumlin) beat  Dylan Philips (Glasnevin) 3-0
75kg Kelyn Cassidy (Saviours Crystal) beat Darragh Finn (Claremorris) TKO3

November 18th

Q/Finals (7pm)

56kg Shane Flavin (Paulstown) V Shane White (St Pauls Waterford)
56kg Terry McEntee (Old  School) V Christian Cekiso (Portlaoise)
69kg Orin McDermott (Raphoe) V Conor Ivors (Thurles)
69kg John Maughan St Marys D) V Darren Timlin (Geesala)
69kg Thomas O’Toole (Celtic Eagles) V Nathan Waton (Saints)
69kg Dan Houlihan (Kilcullen)  V Owen Bergin (Portlaoise)
75kg Paul Kelly (Twin Towns) v Tony McGlynn (Crumlin)
75kg Chris McClean (Two Castles) V Ryan Cleary (Cookstown)
75kg Conal Deeny (Carrickmore) V James Daly (St Annes)
75kg Peter Carr (Crumlin) V Kelyn Cassidy (Saviours Crystal)
81kg Ryan Donnelly (Two Castles) V Garbhan Friel (Illies GG)
81kg David McDonnell (Crumlin) V Karol Delugosz (Scorpion)
81kg Brian Kennedy (St Marys Daingean) V Philip Hickey (Paulstown)
81kg Michael Frayne (St Marys Dublin) V John McDonagh (Letterkenny)

November 19th

S/Finals (11am)

52kg Jason Smith (Blessington) V Dean McCormack (Kilnamanagh)
56kg Patryk Adamus (Drimnagh) V Tommy Casey (St Francis)
56kg Winner V Winner
60kg Ciara Dowling (Carrickmacross) V Rivers McCormack (St Saviours OBA)
60kg Gary McDonald (Corrib) V Dylan Duffy (Pegasus)
60kg Frankie Cleary (Olympic) V Stephen Lockhart (Baldoyle)
64kg Ciara Ginty (Geesala) V Jade Gibbons (Crumlin)
64kg Nicole Moorehouse (Clonard) V Siobhan O’Leary (Corpus Christi)
64kg Joseph Kelly (St Canices) V Eugene McKeever (Holy Family D) 
64kg Vinny Esler (All Saints) V Teo Alin (Cookstown)
69kg Christina Donnelly (Corinthians) V Connie Vaughan (Duhallow)
69kg Winner V Winner
69kg Winner V Winner
75kg Winner V Winner
75kg Winner V Winner
81kg Winner V Winner
81kg Winner V Winner
91kg Cormac Long (Rathkeale) V Patrick Reilly (Crumlin)
91kg Davit Tsotoria (Illies GG) V Marcin Skalski (Leos)
91+kg Mick McKeever (Crumlin) V Eamon Tighe (Ballinacarrow)
91+kg Martin Keenan (Rathkeale) V Damien Sullivan (Emerald U)


November 25th

Finals (7pm)


48kg Chloe Fleck (Canal) V Carol Coughlan (Monkstown)
49kg Conor Kearney (Holy Family GG) W/O
51kg Emma Flannery (Baldoyle) V Nadine Maguire (Mulhuddart)
52kg Thomas Carthy (Douglas) V Winner
54kg Shakira Coonghe (Douglas) V Ashley Browne (Corpus Christi)
56kg Winner V Winner
57kg Emma O’Neill (St Nicholas) V Amanda Coughlan (Paulstown)
60kg Saidhbh Greene (St Brigets ) V Winner
60kg Winner V Winner
64kg Winner V Winner
64kg Winner V Winner
69kg Gillian Duffy (Bray) V Winner
69kg Winner V Winner
75kg Winner V Winner
81kg Leona Houlihan (Crumlin) W/O
81kg Winner V Winner
91kg Winner V Winner
91+kg Winner V Winner