Cork’s Michael Faulkner and Dublin’s Martin Collins progressed to the last-eight of the European Schoolboy & Schoolgirl Championships in Bulgaria this afternoon.

But Feidhlim Behan and Conor Donovan were shaded on split decisions in the last 16 in Albena

Faulkner exhibited his class to see off Georgia’s Gocha Gordulava, the Leesider showcasing good combinations and footwork to take all three rounds.

Drimnagh pocket rocket Collins was involved in a see-saw three-rounder with rangy Belarusian Anton Salika, the Dubliner taking a majority of judges with him to seal a well-deserved victory.

An open and clean contest saw Ukraine’s Tymofii Krupko edge a 4-1 split over Behan who found the target with crisp shots in all three rounds.

Donovan, the last Irish athlete in action today, appeared to have done enough versus Hungary’s but the split went against the Clonmel BC and Ireland pin-weight.

Overall, Team Ireland won seven of eleven  bouts today on another hectic afternoon and early evening for the Irish coaches, staff and vociferous fans by the banks of the Black Sea.

The last 16 phase of the tournament is now complete.

Eight – all male – Irish athletes are in action tomorrow looking to claim at least bronze while the remaining Irish female panel will be aiming to upgrade their guaranteed bronze to at least silver in Saturday’s semi-finals.

Ireland’s female stars won five bouts earlier today and Irish boxing will be bringing home at least nine bronze medals for the 16th edition of the competition.

Irish amateur boxing is proudly sponsored by Liffey Crane.

European Schoolboy & Schoolgirl Championships Albena, Bulgaria May 21/30

May 24th

Last 16

38.5kg Martin Collins (Ireland) beat  Anton Salika (Belarus) 3-2
40kg Michael Faulkner (Ireland) beat Gocha Gordulava (Georgia) 5-0
44.5kg Conor Donovan (Ireland) lost to  Dominik Mucska (Hungary) 2-3
68kg Feidhlim Behan (Ireland) lost to Tymofii Krupko (Ukraine) 1-4


39kg Sophie Elstone (Ireland) lost to Polina Spirna (Russia) RSC2
42kg Nora Jackman (Ireland) beat Viktoria Danielova (Slovakia) 5-0
45kg Robyn Kelly (Ireland) beat Lyuba Atanasova (Bulgaria) RSC2
48kg Robyn Murran (Ireland) beat Izabella Devenyi (Hungary) 3-2
51kg Labhaoise Glynn (Ireland) lost to Francesca Falconeri (Italy) 0-5
54kg Yasmin Meredith (Ireland) beat Sophia Mazzoni (Italy) RSCI2
57kg Kaci Crowley (Ireland) beat Lucia Simulescu (Romania) 5-0

May 23rd

Last 16

41.5kg William Faulkner (Ireland) beat Georgis Georgantzas (Greece) 5-0
43kg Jason Nevin (Ireland) beat Serghei Nova (Moldova) 5-0
46kg Cale Brennan (Ireland) beat Denys Rosdolskyi (Ukraine) 4-1
52kg Brannon McMahon (Ireland) lost to Volodymyr Kamaieve (Ukraine) 0-5
54kg John Fay (Ireland) beat Dovydas Paskevicius (Lithuania) 5-0
56kg James McGuinness (Ireland) lost to Iskren Mihaylov (Bulgaria) 1-4
59kg Thomas McAleer (Ireland) lost to Savelii Suprunets (Ukraine) 0-5


91kg Martin McDonagh (Ireland) lost to Kyrylo Novika (Ukraine) 0-5

May 22nd

Last 16

60kg Laura Moran (Ireland) lost to Abby Briggs (England) 2-3
48kg Michael Connors (Ireland) beat Nedas Grigorianas (Lithuania) 3-2
50kg James Donovan (Ireland) beat Krisztian Balagh (Hungary) 4-0

May 25th


48kg Michael Connors (Ireland) v Caider Abduraimov (Ukraine)
50kg James Donovan (Ireland) v Dzhem Demirev (Bulgaria)
54kg John Fay (Ireland) v Mikita Harbuz (Belarus)
62kg Ryan Murphy (Ireland) v Mykola Serov (Ukraine)
65kg Joe Hutchinson (Ireland) v Irakli Janelidze (Georgia)
72kg Tyler Meade (Ireland) v Milon Tibic (Serbia)
76kg Curtis Darcy (Ireland) v Malyas Nagyos (Romania)
80kg Patrick McDonagh (Ireland) v Oleg Ilchenko (Ukraine)

May 26th


38.5kg Martin Collins (Ireland) v Anton Avdienko (Russia)
40kg Michael Faulkner (Ireland) v Olek Levchenko (Ukraine)
41.5kg William Faulkner (Ireland) v Bogdan Priima (Russia)
43kg Jason Nevin (Ireland) v Shane Paterson (England)
46kg Cale Brennan (Ireland) v Indir Vracic (Serbia)



36kg Katie O’Keeffe (Ireland) v Renata Mingalimova (Russia)
42kg Nora Jackman (Ireland) v Daria Kostkinia (Russia)
45kg Robyn Kelly (Ireland) v Alena Tremasova (Russia)
48kg Robyn Murran (Ireland) v  Charan Dhesi (England)
54kg Yasmin Meredith (Ireland) v Maria Mica (Romania)
57kg Kaci Crowley (Ireland) v Rosalia Cataldo (Italy)
63kg Winne Christina McDonagh (Ireland) v Sunniva Hofstad (Norway)
67kg Dearbhla Tinnelly (Ireland) v Alena Krinichnaia (Russia)
70kg Nasya McJin-Igelige (Ireland) v Karine Araptican (Ukraine)

Irish squad


38.5kg Martin Collins (Drimnagh)
40kg Michael Faulkner (Northside)
41.5kg William Faulkner (Rathkeale)
43kg Jason Nevin (Olympic Mullingar)
44.5kg Conor Donovan (Clonmel)
46kg Cale Brennan (St Michaels Athy) Cpt
48kg Michael Connors (St Marys Dublin)
50kg James Donovan (O.L.O.L.)
52kg Brannon McMahon (Carrickmore)
54kg John Fay (Swords
56kg James McGuinness (St Monics)
59kg Thomas McAleer (Swords)
62kg Ryan Murphy (Neilstown)
65kg Joe Hutchinson (Neilstown)
68kg Feidhlim Behan (Kilcullen)
72kg Tyler Meade (Kilnamanagh)
76kg Curtis Darcy (Callan)
80kg Patrick McDonagh (St Josephs)
91kg Martin McDonagh (Ballyhaunis)


36kg Katie O’Keeffe (Kanturk) (Bronze, at least)
39kg Sophia Elstone (Ardnaree)
42kg Nora Jackman (Paulstown) (Bronze,at least)
45kg Robyn Kelly (Ballynacargy) Cpt (Bronze, at least)
48kg Robyn Murran (St Brigids Kildare) (Bronze, at least)
51kg Labhaoise Glynn (Cloghan)
54kg Yasmin Meredith (Glasnevin) (Bronze, at least)
57kg Kaci Crowley (Erne) (Bronze, at least)
60kg Laura Moran (St Annes)
63kg Winne Christina McDonagh (Neilstown) (Bronze, at least)
67kg Dearbhla Tinnelly (Clann Naofa) (Bronze, at least)
70kg Nasya McJin-Igelige (Clann Naofa) (Bronze, at least)

IABA President: Dominic O’Rouke
Team Managers: Martin Fennessey and Jennifer O’Sullivan
Coaches: Liam Brereton, Jim O’Neill, Eva Carr, John Gallagher, Tom Hayes
R&J: Brian Wallace