Irish squad in Germany

Irish squad in Germany.


Ireland experienced contrasting fortunes at the Queens Cup in Stralsund, Germany today after claiming three wins from seven bouts, with two split decisions going against the team.


Team manager Bernie Harold reports.


“Team Captain, Mary Kate Nevin was first into the ring for Ireland today in the Semi-Final of Junior 50kg class against Anastasia Markowa of Russia. This was a very busy contest with the Russian trying to dictate the pace but Mary Kate responded very well and took control midway through the first round. She won 3-0 and is through to the final tomorrow against Lenka Bernadova of the Czech Republic.

“Next in was Junior Bantamweight Mary Geraghty in the Semi-Final against Johanna Wonyou of France. The French girl was holding consistently throughout the contest but Mary followed the instructions of her corner and stood back and boxed. The French girl, surprisingly got the decision 3-0.

“Marguerita Nevin was next into the ring against Emily Mauermann of Germany and won decisively 3-0 to earn her place in the Final against a very impressive Jessica Triebelova of Slovakia.

“Evelyn Igaro was next in in what proved to be a very tough, hard hitting contest with Linne Viksel of Sweden. The Irish girl forced a standing count on the Swede in the 3rd round and won 3-0. She boxes Sabine Fielder of the host nation in the Final tomorrow.

“Also for Ireland in the Junior 63KG class was Roisin Gannon against Sabine Fielder of Germany. The German proved too experienced for Roisin but she gave an outstanding performance losing 3-0.

“Youth 57KG Semi-Final was between Ireland’s Kellie McLoughlin and Russian No. 1 Anna Krasnoperova. After a cracking contest that had everyone in the Stadium on their feet the Russian got the nod 2-1.

“Last in today for Ireland was Joanne Richards in the Youth 69KG Final against Natalia Barbusinska of Poland. This was a very tough contest with neither boxer giving an inch but Richards seemed to be scoring two for one. However some of the judges saw it differently and the Pole won on a split decision.”

Ireland will be back in action tomorrow afternoon and evening.

The Irish squad are due to arrive home on Sunday evening at approximately 7.25pm via Dublin Airport.




Queens Cup Stralsund, Germany October 25th/30th

Youth and Junior

October 26th

9.30am session

J48kg Caitlin Fryers (Ireland) beat Eliana Nebhi (Germany) 3-0

J60kg Shauna O’Callaghan (Ireland) beat Amanda Falo (Finland) 3-0

Y69kg Joanne Richards (Ireland) beat Olga Mocela (Poland) 3-0

2pm session

J54kg Mary Geraghty (Ireland) beat Sophie Rabitz (Germany) 3-0

J57kg Niamh Fay (Bracken) lost to Joulina Suhron (Germany) 0-3

Y60kg Kayleigh Woods (Kildare) lost to Denista Pauerová (Czech Republic) 0-3

October 27th

9.30am session

J50kg Mary Kate Nevin (Ireland) beat Julie Madsen (Denmark) 3-0

J57kg Marguireta Nevin (Ireland) beat Angelina Glebova (Russia) 3-0

J63kg: Nadine Dermody (Kildare) lost to Sabine Fiedler (Germany) 0-3

2pm session

J46kg Daina Moorehouse (Ireland) beat Laura Klob (Germany) 3-0

Y48kg Shannon Sweeney (Ireland) beat Arlinda Muqa (Kosovo) 3-0

Y51kg Kelsey Leonard (Ireland) beat Fiona Wyss (Switzerland) 3-0

Y75kg Aoife Burke (Ireland) beat Anna Krasnoperova (Russia) TKO3

J54kg Leanne Coffey (Kildare) beat Pauline Bohm (Germany) W/O

J46kg Ciara Brien (Kildare) lost to Rin Bennama (France) TKOI2

6pm session

Y60kg Orla Garvey (Ireland) beat Uldana Nurlanova (Kazakhstan) 3-0

Y64kg Shannon Reilly (Ireland) lost to Stephanie Thour (Sweden) 1-2

October 28th

9.30am session

J50kg Mary Kate Nevin (Ireland) beat Anastasia Markowa (Russia) 3-0

J54kg Mary Geraghty (Ireland) lost to Johanna Wonyou (France) 0-3

J57kg Margurita Nevin (Ireland) beat Emily Mauermann (Germany) 3-0

J63kg Evelyn Igharo (Ireland) beat Linne Veskel (Sweden) 3-0

J63kg Roisin Gannon (Ireland) lost to Sabine Fielder (Germany) 0-3

Y57kg Kellie McLoughlin (Ireland) lost to Anna Krasnoperova (Russia) 1-2

Y69kg Joanne Richards (Ireland) lost to Natalia Barbusinska of Poland 1-2

October 28th

2pm session

J54kg Leanne Coffey (Kildare) lost to Ani Manukyan (Germany) 0-3

October 29th

1pm session

J46kg Daina Moorehouse (Ireland) v Rim Bennama (France)

J48kg Caitlin Fryers (Ireland) v Eliana Nebehi (Germany)

J50kg Mary Kate Nevin (Ireland) v Lenka Bernadova (Czech Republic)

J57kg Marguireta Nevin (Ireland) v Jessica Triebelova (Slovakia)

J60kg Shauna O’Callaghan (Ireland) v Amanda Salo (Finland)

J63kg Evelyn Igharo (Ireland) v Sabine Fielder (Germany)

Y75kg Aoife Burke (Ireland) v Nataliya Sychugova (Russia)

October 29th

7pm session

Y60kg Orla Garvey (Ireland) v Fatia Benmessahal (France)

Y69kg Joanne Richards (Ireland) v Natalia Barbusinska (Poland)















Irish squad


46kg Daina Moorehouse (Enniskerry)
48kg Caitlyn Fryers (Immaculata)
50kg Mary Kate Nevin (Mullingar Elite)
54kg Mary Geraghty (Baldoyle) (Bronze)
57kg Margurita Nevin (St Brigids Kildare)
60kg Shauna O’Callaghan (Clann Naoife)
63kg Roisin Gannon (Connemara) (Bronze)
63kg Evelyn Igharo (Clann Naofa)


48kg Shannon Sweeney (St Anne’s, Westport) (Gold)
51kg Kelsey Leonard (Curragh) (Gold)
57kg Kellie McLoughlin (Drimnagh) (Bronze)
60kg Orla Garvey (Dealgan)
64kg Shannon Reilly (Bray) (Bronze)
69kg Joanne Richards (St Michael’s NW) (Silver)
75kg Aoife Burke (St Mary’s Dublin)

Team manager: Bernie Harold

Coaches: Jimmy Payne, Antoinette Faye, Noel Burke
Referee & Judge: Aideen Floyd