Irish squad



Six Irish boxers will be in action in the last-16 and last-8 of the European Youths Championships in Roseto degli Abruzzi, Italy tomorrow.

Caitlin Fryers. Aoibhe Ginty, and Mary Geraghty will be aiming for quarter-final berths and Dean Clancy, Aibhe Carrabine and Edward Barrett are one win each away from at least bronze.

So far, nine Irish boxers are through to the quarter-finals this weekend and are within striking distance of a podium finish.

European Men’s and Women’s Youth Championships Roseto degli Abruzzi, Italy April 17/26

April 21st

Last 16

51kg Caitlin Fryers (Ireland) v Liubov Sharpova (Russia)
54kg Mary Geraghty (Ireland) v Aycan Guldagi (Turkey)
60kg Aoibhe Ginty (Ireland) v Stephanie von Berge (Germany)


52kg Dean Clancy (Ireland) v Patrick Cappi (Italy)
81kg Aibhe Carrabine (Ireland) v Sagit Emanur (Turkey)
81kg Edward Barrett (Ireland) v Karol Itauma (England)

April 20th

Last 16

49kg Jude Gallagher (Ireland) beat Ali Dagly (Ukraine) 5-0
52kg Dean Clancy (Ireland) beat Murat Ugurlu (Turkey) 5-0
56kg Brandon McCarthy (Ireland) beat Joe Tyres (England) 5-0
64kg Callum Walsh (Ireland) lost to Ilya Popov (Russia) 1-4
69kg Edward Donovan (Ireland) lost to Konstantin Barbosu (Hungary) 1-4

April 19th

Last 16

48kg Daina Moorhouse (Ireland) beat Jvanisova Olena (Ukraine) 5-0
57kg Dearbhla Rooney (Ireland) beat Weronikia Pawlak (Poland) 5-0
81kg Edward Barrett (Ireland) beat Ahmad Abdun Abu (Israel) 4-0Last 32
52kg Dean Clancy (Ireland beat Maksim Pankou (Belarus) 5-0
60kg Alex Higgins (Ireland) lost to Bojan Timotijevic (Serbia) 1-4

April 18th

Last 32

56kg Brandon McCarthy (Ireland) beat Alexander Tanko (Slovakia) 5-0
64kg Callum Walsh (Ireland) beat Kilp Frank (Germany) 5-0
69kg Edward Donovan (Ireland) beat Michal Jarlinski (Poland) 5-0
75kg Kane Tucker (Ireland) lost to Gabrijel Veocic (Croatia) 2-3

April 22nd


48kg Daina Moorhouse (Ireland) v Marta Lope (Spain)
49kg Jude Gallagher (Ireland) v Seyran Yeghikyan (Armenia)
56kg Brandon McCarthy (Ireland) v Muhamet Qamili (Albania)
57kg Dearbhla Rooney (Ireland) v Nikolina Cacic (Croatia)
65kg Evelyn Igharo (Ireland) v Anita Zilic (Croatia)
75kg Lauren Kelly (Ireland) v Sena Erdogen (Turkey)

Irish squad

49kg Jude Gallagher (Two Castles)
52kg Dean Clancy (Ballinacarrow)
56kg Brandon McCarthy (St Michaels Athy)
60kg Alex Higgins (Fr Horgans)
64kg Callum Walsh (Riverstown)
69kg Edward Donovan (O.L.O.L.)
75kg Kane Tucker (Holy Family GG) Cpt
81kg Edward Barrett (Olympic)


48kg Daina Moorehouse (Enniskerry)
51kg Caitlyn Fryers (Immaculata)
54kg Mary Geraghty (Baldoyle)
57kg Dearbhla Rooney (Sean McDermott)
60kg Aoibha Ginty (Geesala)
64kg Evelyn Igharo (Clann Naofa)
75kg Lauren Kelly (St Brigids Edenderry) Cpt
81kg Aoibhe Crabine (Geesala)

IABA President Dom O’Rourke
Team Manager: Peter O’Donnell and Fiona Hennigan
Coaches: Billy McClean, Michael Carruth, Michael Mongan,Anita Just
R&J John Casey