Gabriel Dossen (far right) in medals podium today

Gabriel Dossen (far right) on medals podium today


Gabriel Dossen and Michael Nevin were presented with their bronze medals at the AIBA World Youth Championships in St Petersburg, Russia today.


Michael Nevin (2nd from right) on medal podium

Michael Nevin (2nd from right) on medal podium


The Olympic BC and Portlaoise BC pair reached the last-four at the 63-nation tournament which concluded today with ten finals.

Team Ireland are due to arrive home on Sunday morning via Dublin Airport at 11.30am (Terminal 1).

Flight details:



Airline Flight Number Dates Departure Arrival
Lufthansa LH1439 27 Nov St Petersburg 06:25 Frankfurt 07:35
Lufthansa LH978 27 Nov Frankfurt 10 25 Dublin 11:30




AIBA World Youth Championships St Petersburg, Russia

(Last 32 unless stated)

November 18th

60kg Paddy Donovan (Ireland) beat Damian Durkacz (Poland) 5-0
69kg Brett McGinty (Ireland) beat Kuattisak Promchuay (Thailand) TKO3
81kg Christopher O’Reilly (Ireland) beat Kim Taek Min (Korea) 5-0

November 19th

49kg Jordan Moore (Ireland) beat Salah Imberahim (Germany) 5-0
52kg Conor Quinn (Ireland) lost to Elio Crespo-Santos (Cuba) 0-5
56kg Eamer Coughlan (Ireland) lost to Toltayayev Samatav (Kazakhstan) 1-4

November 20th

60kg Paddy Donovan (Ireland) beat Ranjo Napoles (Philippines) 5-0
69kg Brett McGinty (Ireland) lost to Andrej Csemez (Slovakia) 2-3
75kg Michael Nevin (Ireland) beat Matej Uremovic (Croatia) 5-0

November 21st

49kg Jordan Moore (Ireland) lost to Carlo Paalan (Philippines) 1-4
64kg Gabriel Dossen (Ireland) beat Freudis Rojas Jnr. (USA) 4-1
81kg Christopher O’Reilly (Ireland) beat Krenar Aliu (Finland) (last 16) 4-1

November 22nd

(Last 16)

60kg Paddy Donovan (Ireland) lost to Sarkhan Aliyev (Azerbaijan) 1-4
64kg Gabriel Dossen (Ireland) beat Hugo MiCallef (Monaco) 5-0
75kg Michael Nevin (Ireland) beat Moreno Fendero (France) 5-0
91kg+ Kevin Sheehy (Ireland) lost to Mahammad Abdullayev (Azerbaijan) 0-5

November 23rd


64kg Gabriel Dossen (Ireland) beat Rohan Polanco (Dominican Republic) 5-0
75kg Michael Nevin (Ireland) beat Vytautas Balsys (Lithuania) 4-1
81kg Christopher O’Reilly (Ireland) lost to Bekzad Nurdaueltov (Kazakhstan) 0-5

November 25th


64kg Gabriel Dossen (Ireland) lost to Sergei Margarian (Russia) 2-3
75kg Michael Nevin (Ireland) lost to William Hutchinson (Scotland) 0-5

Irish squad

49kg Jordan Moore (Glasnevin)
52kg Conor Quinn (Clonard)
56kg Eamer Coughlan (Riverstown)
60kg Patrick Donovan (OLOL)
64kg Gabriel Dossen (Olympic) (Bronze)
69kg Brett McGinty (Oakleaf) Cpt
75kg Michael Nevin (Portlaoise) (Bronze)
81kg Christopher O’Reilly (Bracken)
91+kg Kevin Sheehy (St Francis)

Team manager: Stephen Connolly

Coaches: Billy McClean and John Conlan
R&J: Ben McGarrigle