Draw Access: 2024 National BG 1,2 & 3 Championships

The 2024 National Boy/Girl 1, 2 and 3 Championships will be boxed alongside the 2024 National Junior 1, from April 1st to 7th.

All four competitions will be boxed in the National Stadium, Dublin

The draw for the 2024 National Boy/Girl 1, 2 and 3 Championships will take place on Tuesday, March 26th at 2pm.

The draw will set the schedule of boxing, and the appointed days of boxing for each age category, BG1-3, during the period April 1st to 7th.

Draw Access Credentials


Meeting ID: 882 8839 6903

Passcode: 721530

Competition Arrangements

These arrangements were communicated by National Secretary, Antoinette Faye McClean, to Provincial Units on March 11th.

Venue: National Boxing Stadium, Dublin.

Dates: April 01st – April 07th.

Entries: An entry fee of €20 applies. Boxers will be pre-entered by their Units from the weights they won at in their Unit Championships. Deadline for entries received by Phillip Rooney boxing.referee@hotmail.com and sally@iaba.ie is 12pm on Monday 25th March.

Any boxer beaten in their Unit championships but who was an Irish Champion at Boy/Girl 1 & 2 from 2023, is eligible for participation as the defending champion.

Draws: Tuesday, 26th March, at 2pm. The draw is being conducted on the basis of pre-entry only.

Weigh-in and Medical: Boxers will weigh only on the day they box. Boxing Record books to be presented by the boxer at their initial weigh-in if not previously given to the IABA. Entry fee to be paid at the initial weigh-in.

Weigh-in times: In National Stadium from 8.00am – 9.00am. Boxing: 11am each day.

Duration of rounds: Boys & Girls 3 x 1.5 Minutes

Age Requirements: Boxers born in 2010, 2011 and 2012.

Weights: Boy 1,2,3 (25 Weights)25kg – 27kg – 29kg – 31kg – 33kg – 35kg – 37kg – 38.5kg – 40kg – 41.5kg- 43kg – 44.5kg – 46kg – 48kg – 50kg – 52kg – 54kg – 56kg – 59kg – 62kg -65kg – 68kg – 72kg – 74kg – 76kg

Weights: Girl 1, 2, 3. (26 Weights)25kg – 27kg – 29kg – 31kg – 33kg – 35kg – 37kg – 39kg – 41kg -43kg-45kg – 47kg – 49kg – 51kg – 53kg – 55kg – 57kg – 59kg – 61kg – 63kg -66kg – 68kg -70kg – 72kg – 75kg – 75+kg   

N.B. It is a condition of entry that all boxers and their clubs have signed and submitted the Members Acknowledgement Form and it is the responsibility of the entering unit that this stipulation is complied with. 

Anti-Doping may be carried out at any stage of the championships and all boxers must advise the doctor of any medication they are taking or have taken in the preceding 4 weeks. It is imperative that all boxers adhere to the Anti-Doping Rules and Regulations. For any queries regarding this matter, boxers/coaches should contact Mr Larry Morrison, IABA Anti-Doping Officer on 086-0292476.

Attire: Boxers shall have one red and one blue vest but may wear their club colours. Boxers must not wear long sleeved shirts under their vests. Hair must be tied back, and swimming hats or hairnets should be worn under the headgear for boxers with long hair.

Gumshields: Red/Orange/Pink or variations of these colours are not allowed.

Coaches: They must wear track suits and runners at all sessions and endeavour to set a high standard of hygiene in the corners. No shorts, caps or hats are allowed. Only qualified coaches are permitted in corners.

Sportsmanship: All decisions must be accepted in a sporting manner. Any complaints must be addressed to the Chief Official, Mr. Phillip Rooney. Please show respect to all Ringside Officials.

Once the draw has been completed, it’s footage will be up-loaded to IABA’s YouTube channel.

Entry Lists: