Dungloe BC Rallies To Raise Funds For Stalwart Member.

The Dungloe Boxing Club, in association with the Rosses Community School, are honoured
is holding a ‘Night of Support’ is aid of dear friend Jim Mc Cole.

Dungloe says Jim, a “vital piece” of the club, is a “A top coach, powerful motivator, positive role model for the youth of this area for over 20 years….an incredible mentor who, in his gentle way, possesses the unique gift of shaking the world around him. “

Jim sustained life-altering injuries in an accident in August of 2019. The club says “As expected, these
life-changing injuries, and their associated implications, are going to impact him for the rest of his life. True to his nature, Jim has never counted the days since the accident, but rather focused on making each day count.”

This evening’s ‘Night of Support’ is to let Jim and his family know Dungloe BC and the local community are thinking of them, nd to thank them for their dedication, commitment and support over the

Funds raised will help cover medical expenses and treatments, retrofit part of the family home and/or for the purchase of a specialised vehicle that Jim could independently use to transport himself to his various appointments.

Dungloe BC says “This night is not just about supporting Jim, Mary and their three children; it is about making a difference. Great opportunities to help others rarely come, but small ones surround us every day and have the ability to transform dark moments.”

This evening’s Nigh of Support is being held at the Rosses Community School, from 8pm.

A GoFundMe has also been set up, and has raised over 13,000 euro.