Eight Irish boxers will battle it out for gold at the European Schoolboy/girls Championships in Tbilisi, Georgia on Saturday and Sunday after winning their semi-final bouts today.

Irish female captain Georgia McGovern, Caoimhe Kinsella, Sean Tyndall, Katie O’Keeffe, Esther Lambe, Michael McCarthy, Ava Rose Lyndon and Adam Olaniyan upgraded their guaranteed bronze to at least silver.

Rebel County ace O’Keeffe, who claimed bronze at the 2018 edition of the tournament, forced Italy’s Ferraris Matiloe into two standing counts in the first round and the bout was stopped seconds from the end of the frame.

Lyndon also took the early route to victory versus Turkish light-welter Sudenaz Balioglu, while Kinsella, Tyndall, McCarthy, Lambe and Olanyian impressed en route to the business end of the tournament.

Carlagh Mullarney, Shakira McCrudden, Irish male captain Roy Colgan, Carleigh Irving, Nora Jackman, also a bronze medal winner at the 2018 Europeans, Laurence Connors, Alicia King, Gabrielle Mongan, Thomas Ward and Caolan Devlin had to settle for bronze.

All ten Irish gave fine accounts of themselves, with Jenn O’Sullivan, Irish team manager in Tbilisi along with Stephen Connolly, observing she believed that a few other decisions deserved to go Ireland’s way in a hectic day for the Ireland’s athletes, coaches and staff at the 30-nation tournament.

The finals will be decided on Saturday and Sunday at the 17th edition of the tournament.

Team Ireland are due to arrive home via Dublin Airport at 10 am on Monday morning. (Turkish TK1975 (12 AUG) Istanbul @ 0725 & Dublin @ 1000 (Terminal 1).

Eighteen medals will be on board the flight with the colours of eight of those medals to be determined this weekend.

2019 European Schoolboy/girls Championships Tbilisi, Georgia

August 9


36kg Carlagh Mullarney (Ireland) lost to Sophie Harker (England) 1-4
38kg Caoimhe Kinsella (Ireland) beat Tamar Samelia (Georgia) 5-0
40kg Shakira McCrudden (Ireland) lost to Laila Abdullatif (Cyprus) 0-5
40kg Roy Colgan (Ireland) lost to Murad Tagin (Georgia) 0-5
41,5kg Sean Tyndall (Ireland) beat Vitas Hartsuyeu (Belarus) 4-1
42kg Katie O’Keeffe (Ireland) beat Ferraris Matiloe (Italy) RSC1
44kg Esther Lambe (Ireland) beat Akdi Cansu (Turkey) 5-0
46kg Carleigh Irving (Ireland) lost to Jessica Keeton (England) 0-5
48kg Nora Jackman (Ireland) lost to Alice Pumprey (England) 0-5
51kg Georgia McGovern (Ireland) beat Silvija Karavackaite (Lithuania) 5-0
56kg Laurence Connors (Ireland) lost to Arthur Mkrtchyen (Armenia) 0-5
57kg Alicia King (Ireland) lost to Luisa Acconcia (Italy) 1-4
60kg Gabrielle Mongan (Ireland) lost to Louis Briggs (England) 0-5
62kg Micheal McCarthy (Ireland) beat Mikita Bruyev (Belarus) 3-2
68kg Thomas Ward (Ireland) lost to Ethan Moore (England) 0-5
64kg Ava Rose Lyndon (Ireland) beat Sudenaz Balioglu (Turkey) RSC3
76kg Caolan Devlin (Ireland) lost to Mateo Pejic (Croatia) 0-5
90kg Adam Olaniyan (Ireland) beat Alex Ardeieanu (Romania) 5-0

August 10/11


August 10

41,5kg Sean Tyndall (Ireland) v Gor Ayvazian (Georgia)
44kg Esther Lambe (Ireland) v Polina Mishenko (Ukraine)
62kg Micheal McCarthy (Ireland) v Tiziano Gugieman (Italy)
90kg Adam Olaniyan (Ireland) v Davit Stepulenko (Georgia)

August 11


38kg Caoimhe Kinsella (Ireland) v Gulcan Turgul (Turkey)
42kg Katie O’Keeffe (Ireland) v Aurika Kostrytska (Ukraine)
51kg Georgia McGovern (Ireland) v Matia Sannino (Italy)
64kg Ava Rose Lyndon (Ireland) v Paris Smith (England)

(Finals begin at 11am (Irish time) each day)


August 7


38.5kg Kai Griffin (Ireland) lost to Luka Tsuleiskirl (Georgia) 2-3
40kg Roy Colgan (Ireland) beat Tom Odlozilik (Czech Rep) 5-0
43kg Kyle Smith (Ireland) lost to Yehor Kirylus (Ukraine) 2-3
46kg Blaine Fitzgerald O’Sullivan (Ireland) lost to Arman Miskaryan (Armenia) 0-5
48kg Padraig Stapleton (Ireland) lost Anatolli Yem (Ukraine) 2-3
50kg James O’Reilly Thornhill (Ireland) lost to Hlib Hryhorian (Ukraine) 0-5
54kg Cole Byrne (Ireland) lost to Narek Nersisyan (Armenia) 0-5
56kg Laurence Connors (Ireland) beat Sven Cuppen (Netherlands) 3-2
59kg Patrick Stokes (Ireland) lost to Danil Afanasyeu (Belarus) 0-5
62kg Micheal McCarthy (Ireland) beat Kian Govan (Scotland) 5-0
76kg Caolan Devlin (Ireland) beat Islam Huseynli (Azerbaijan) 5-0

August 6


41,5kg Sean Tyndall (Ireland) beat Matko Stojanovic (Croatia) RSC2
42kg Katie O’Keeffe (Ireland) beat Jocelyn Kilkenny (England) 5-0
44kg Esther Lambe (Ireland) beat Miria Rossetti (Italy) 5-0
46kg Carleigh Irving (Ireland) beat Pinar Ozkan (Turkey) 4-1
48kg Nora Jackman (Ireland) beat Dragana Jovanovic (Serbia) 5-0
52kg Lee McEvoy (Ireland) lost to Demur Kajaia (Georgia) 0-5
54kg Niamh Keogh (Ireland) lost to Izabel Devenyi (Hungary) 0-5
68kg Thomas Ward (Ireland) beat Yahor Prudnikau (Belarus) 5-0
70kg Breanna Ryan Tobin (Ireland) lost to Tatia Bukia (Georgia) 0-5
90kg Adam Olaniyan (Ireland) beat Avetik Hovakimyan (Armenia) 5-0
80kg Bernard Cawley (Ireland) lost to Yehor Harutyunyan (Ukraine) 0-5
90kg+ Danny O’Brien (Ireland) lost to Lovro Pavcec (Croatia) 0-5

August 5

Last 16

38.5kg Kai Griffin (Ireland) beat Fjodor Kamanin (Spain) 5-0
40kg Roy Colgan (Ireland) beat Ellul Cayden (Malta) RSC2
43kg Kyle Smith (Ireland) beat Saoeha Yaroslav (Belarus) 5-0
48kg Padraig Stapleton (Ireland) beat Georgios Pleas (Greece) 5-0
54kg Cole Byrne (Ireland) beat Gasimili Mehman (Azerbaijan) 5-0
56kg Laurence Connors (Ireland) beat Fuad Babayev (Azerbaijan) 5-0
72kg Ryan Collins (Ireland) lost to Oleksii Stepanov (Ukraine) 1-4

August 4

Last 16

44.5kg Malo Davis (Ireland) lost to Kiril Bazhenov (Ukraine) 0-5
52kg Lee McEvoy (Ireland) beat Antonio Hauer (Czech Republic) 5-0

Last 32

54kg Cole Byrne (Ireland) beat Dan Sablinski (Lithuania) 5-0

Irish squad


38.5kg Kai Ducque Griffin (Drimnagh)
40kg Roy Farrelly Colgan (Avona) Captain (Bronze)
41.5kg Sean Tyndall (Dublin Docklands) (Silver, at least)
43kg Kyle Thomas Smith (Holy Trinity)
44.5kg Malo Davis (Monkstown Dublin)
46kg Blaine Fitzgerald O’Sullivan (Corinthians)
48kg Padraig Flynn Stapleton (Monkstown Dublin)
50kg James O’Reilly Thornhill (Togher)
52kg Lee McEvoy (Avona)
54kg Cole Byrne (Enniskerry)
56kg Laurence Connors (St Mary’s Dublin) (Bronze)
59kg Patrick Stokes (St Johns Derry)
62kg Micheal McCarthy (Urlingford) (Silver, at least)
68kg Thomas Ward (Carrickmore) Vice Captain (Bronze)
72kg Ryan Collins Murphy (Neilstown)
76kg Caolan Devlin (Mark Heagney) (Bronze)
80kg Bernard Cawley (St Davids Naas)
90kg Adam Olaniyan (Jobstown) (Silver, at least)
90kg+ Danny O’Brien (Shadows)


36kg Carlagh Mullarney (Ballyhaunis) (Bronze)
38kg Caoimhe Kinsella (St Anthony’s Pats) (Silver, at least)
40kg Shakira McCrudden (Riverside) (Bronze)
42kg Katie O’Keeffe (Kanturk) (Silver, at least)
44kg Esther Lambe (Setanta) (Silver, at least)
46kg Carleigh Irving (Illies Golden Gloves) (Bronze)
48kg Nora Jackman (Paulstown) (Bronze)
51kg Georgia Dunne McGovern (Drimnagh) Captain (Silver, at least)
54kg Niamh Keogh (Olympic Mullingar)
57kg Alicia King (Ratoath Golden Gloves) (Bronze)
60kg Gabrielle Mongan (Whitechurch) (Bronze)
64kg Ava Rose Henry Lyndon (Glin) Vice Captain (Silver, at least)
70kg Breanna Ryan Tobin (Spartan)


IABA President: Dominic O’Rourke (St Michaels Athy)

Team Managers: Stephen Connolly (Curragh) & Jennifer O’Sullivan (Sliabh Luachra)

Coaches: Eve Carr (St Michaels Athy),Patrick Gallagher (Maynooth), James O’Neill (Clann Naofa),Martin Donovan (O.L.O.L.),Killian Walsh (Dungarvan), Paul Archbold (St Davids Naas)

Referee/Judge: Martin O’Neill (St Saviours OBA)