James McGivern


James McGivern, Kieran Molloy and Michael Nevin joined Dean Gardiner in Sunday’s finals at the the Eindhoven BoxCup following semi-final victories today.


Molloy, after Peter Love’s hand was incorrectly raised in victory, had his hand held aloft, and three-time European underage champion and World Youth bronze medallist Michael Nevin stopped Vladislav Jaskul in the middleweight class.


Belfast bantam McGivern got Ireland off to a winning start on a unanimous decision over Germany’s Adem Kartal.


Kirill Afanasev was beaten by Ken Okungbowa in tonight’s Dublin versus Athlone heavyweight derby in Eindhoven. Irish Elite finalist Okungbowa, who boxes out of the Athlone BC, is representing the Irish Athletic Third (Level) Boxing Association.


Christina Desmond advanced to Sunday’s welter final on a unanimous decision over Myrea van den Ijssel but Tiegan Russell was edged out on a 3-2 split by Russia’s Natalya Samakhina.


Desmond and Russell are representing the Fr Horgan’s BC in Cork


Eindhoven BoxCup


October 20th


69kg Kieran Molloy (Ireland) beat Ruben Veciuna (Belgium) 3-2

October 21st


60kg James McGivern (Ireland) beat Adem Kartal (Baden-Wurttembreg) 3-0
69kg Kieran Molloy (Ireland) beat Pater Love (British Army) 3-0
75kg Michael Nevin (Ireland) beat Vladislav Jaskul (Messa Sport) TKO2
91kg Kirill Afanasev (Ireland) lost Ken Ogungbowa (IATBA) 0-5

October 22nd


56kg James McGivern (Ireland) v Vasile Usturoi (Ligaploeg)
69kg Kieran Molloy (Ireland) v Nabil Messaoudi (Ligue Francophone)
75kg Michael Nevin (Ireland) v Jaber Dahou (Nederlandse Boksond)
91kg+ Dean Gardiner (Ireland) v Chezerate Nihell (British Army)



Irish squad


60kg James McGivern (St Georges)
69kg Kieran Molloy (Oughterard)
75kg Michael Nevin (Portlaoise)
91kg Kirill Afanasev (Smithfield)
91kg+ Dean Gardiner (Clonmel)

Coaches: Dmitry Dmitruk & Eoin Pluck

Physio: Sé Caffrey