The closing date for entry to the National Elite Championships is this Wednesday, September 8th at 5pm.
Only boxers entered on the new entry form by this date can participate. Boxers who entered in the last number of weeks have until 5pm on September 8th to change their weight category. If no changes are made by this time, boxers will be entered at the weight they originally put down. The Elite entry form is included below.
Entry Form:https://forms.office.com/Pages/ResponsePage.aspx?id=IaAFF_PpH0eGOq-3yikqtHEPYBUdQpRDtwr898TrTZxUME1CNUswM1AyNUNLUEhKQVRLV1E5VzVEWS4u

**Please ignore social media posts that state our boxers can not participate in the World Championships as the deadline for entry is September 20th**

Following dialogue with the World Body by the National Secretary Paddy Gallagher, the IABA have received a dispensation until the completion of our Championships to enter Irish boxers.
Boxers entered as of 4pm on September 5th are listed below.

Boxers Name
Gabriel Dossen
Jack Devine
Caoimhin Logue
Michael Avetisian
Brandon McCarthy
Adam Hession
Martin Brady McCullough 
Michael Stokes 
Tommy Hyde 
Kane Tucker
Ben Ferran 
Ciara Walsh
Barry o Connor 
Shannon Sweeney 
Grainne Walsh
Martin Keenan
Dominic Bradley
Clodagh Mccomiskey 
Kelyn cassidy
Sean Purcell 
Caitlin Fryers
Phil Brophy
Nell Fox
Zara Breslin 
Cathal Crowley
Cian Devlin
Tomas McCann 
Connor Lenaghan 
Niamh Earley
Kieran Molloy 
Paul Loonam
Dean Clancy
Sara Haghighat-joo
Shannon Edge 
Wayne Kelly 
Sionnan mckenna
Jack McGivern
Daryl Clarke
Robbie Gould
Connor Kerr
Michaela Walsh
Jude Gallagher
Matthew Tyndall 
Luke Maguire 
Evan Fitzgerald 
Kevin Kehoe
Nicole Clyde 
Daniel O’Sullivan
Teo Alin 
Céire Smith
Aoife O Rourke 
David Bicevas
Lisa o Rourke 
Brendan Irvine 
Kellie Mcloughlin
Patryk Adamus
Michael Stevens
Emmet Brennan
kiesha attwell
John Paul Hale 
bailey marshall
Faolan Rahill
Jennifer Lehan
Sean Donaghy
Jake Tucker
James Redmond, 
Damien sullivan
Martin Noonan 
Sean Butler 
Aidan Walsh
Christina Desmond
Niamh fay
Damien Creavin
Carly McNaul
Sean Mari
Jake Rapple
Sean Kavanagh 
Kenneth Doyle
Jack Marley
Carol Coughlan
Jake mc mahon
Jamie long
Amy Broadhurst 
Nathan Richmond
Kurt walker
Chloe Fleck
Eve Woods
Rickey Nesbitt 
Jordan Smith 
Eugene Mckeever 
Megan Flynn 
Courtney Daly
Steward Edwards
Paul Alexandrut
Jack Brady
Craig Kavanagh
Evelyn Igharo
Renee Roache
Nathan Horrigan 
Jordan Moore
Daina Moorehouse 
Kaci Rock 
John Joe Nevin
Robert Previte
Emma flannery
Stephen lockhart
Gytis Lisinskas