Evgeny Tishchenko, Russia,Olympic heavyweight champion


Please scroll down for teams for the upcoming Round Robin tournament between Ireland, France, Germany, Italy and Russia at the National Stadium.

Tournament dates: April 28th,29th and 30th.

Germany, under former Irish coach Eddie Bolger, and France, along with Russia, have named formidable sides for the visit to Dublin.

The Italian team will be confirmed shortly.

The Irish squad will be drawn from our No. 1 and No. 2 athletes. Rio Olympians Joe Ward and Brendan Irvine and European medallist Dean Walsh and Sean McComb will be in the mix along with all the current National Elite champions.

London 2012 Olympian Darren O’Neill will meet Russia’s current Olympic heavyweight champion Evgeny Tishchenko. Both men have fought twice in the past and share one victory each.

Patrick Mongan and George Bates are in line to face Vladimir Nikitin, who has moved up from bantam to light, and France’s Rio  2016 silver medallist Sofiane Oumiha.

“All the teams coming here are the number one teams,” said Irish head coach Zaur Antia. “It will be an excellent competition with world class boxers.” Europe is building toward June’s European Elite Men’s Championships in the Kharkiv, Ukraine.

The top eight boxers in each of the weight classes in the Ukraine qualify for the World Elite Championships in Hamburg, Germany in August/September.

Germany will receive ten places at the World Championships as the host nation and don’t have to go through the Ukraine, which is the sole qualifier for Hamburg 2017.


49kg –
52kg –
56kg Jordan Rodriguez
60kg Sofiane Oumiha
64kg Wahid Hambu
69kg –
75kg Bengoro Bamba
81kg Leonardo Mamadou Diabira
91kg Paul Omba
91kg+ Dini Aboudou

Coach: Luis Marian Gonzalez Cosme
Coach: Mehdi Nichane


49kg Salah Ibrahim
52kg –
56kg Dominik Hirsch
60kg Artur Bril
60kg Robert Harutyunyan
64kg Artem Harutyunyan
69kg Christian Dezel
75kg Artur Beck
75kg Brian Hellwig
81kg Ibragim Bazuev
91kg Nikola Weizmann
91kg+ –

Team manager: Beatrice Bastian
Coach: Eddie Bolger
Coach: Michael Timm
Coach: Gregory TolkoversPhysio: Tim Peschwitz
R&J: Stephan Hipp


49kg Vasili Egorov
52kg Vadim Kudraikov
60kg Vladimir Nikitin
60kg Gabil Mamedov
64kg Vitaly Dunaysev
69kg Petr Khamuko
81kg –
91kg Evgeny Tishchenko
49kg Tamir Galanov
52kg Viacheslav Tashkarakov
56kg Nazir Balaev
60kg –
64kg Aital Diakonov
64kg Dmitri Polianski
69kg Artem Zaitsev
75kg Dmitri Nesterov
81kg Georgii Kushiatashvili
91kg Ilia Kvasnikov
91+kg Artem Suslenkov

Head coach: Oleg Menshikov

Coach: Rustam Umarov
Coach: Ruslan Dotdaev
Coach: Artur Pakhomov
Coach: Sergei Gonbdurkaev
Doctor Dmitri Sergiun