Ireland met England in Coventry on this day in 1982.

Gerard Duddy, Roy Webb and Peter Murphy recorded victories for Ireland.

Big performances also from the rest of the Irish squad against a top English team away from home.

England v Ireland

Coventry Leisure Centre, Coventry, England

January 13, 1982

51kg John Hyland ENG Gerard Hawkins IRL 3:0
51kg Gerard Duddy IRL Steve Nolan ENG 3:0
54kg Roy Webb IRL John Farrell ENG 2:1
57kg Peter Hanlon ENG Gerry Delaney IRL 3:0
57kg Mohammed Hanif ENG Steve Hanna IRL DQ3
60kg Gary Felvus ENG Damien Fryers IRL 2:1
60kg Peter Murphy IRL Renard Ashton ENG 3:0
67kg Bob McKenley ENG Jerome de Loughrey IRL RSC1
71kg Errol Christie ENG Tom Corr IRL 3:0
75kg Michael Christie ENG Jimmy Shorthall IRL 3:0
75kg Jimmy Price ENG Tony de Loughrey IRL 2:1