If awards were given out for the IABA’s most travelled boxing club then the unassuming Fermanagh based Erne Boxing Club would be almost certain recipients.

In the 2018/19 season the Erne Boxing Club as competed and won numerous Gold medals at several International Box Cups throughout Europe in addition to scoring good wins on overseas club tournaments. Their 2018/19 campaign and travels has included the following:

October 2019 – HSK Box Cup Denmark, 3 Gold & 1 Silver

November 2018 – King of the Ring Sweden, 2 Gold & Best Youth Boxer Award for Mark Kells

November 2018 – Kopavogs Tournament Iceland, 2 wins out of two

December 2018 – Odivelas Box Cup Portugal, 1 Gold & 1 Silver

January 2019 – Selby Tournament England, won team match 4-3

February 2019 – Golden Girls Sweden, 1 Silver

May 2019 – East Midlands Box Cup England, 3 Gold

May 2019 – Bristol Box Cup England, 1 Gold & 1 Silver

May 2019 – Haringey Box Cup England, 1 Gold

Furthermore, the club hosted two tournament this season featuring teams from Newburgh USA, Kopavogs Iceland and Romford England.

“There is no secret millionaire supporting the club. We travel on a very tight budget but with good advance planning its possible to keep the costs down. For most trips we book months in advance and although there is always a risk or injury/sickness or some other unforeseen circumstances that may prevent a boxer from travelling so far it has worked out well and its rarely been an issue.” advised Sean Crowley – Erne Boxing Club’s Head Coach.

The club advise that 2019/20 season will be as equally busy and that they will kickstart the new campaign with a visit to the inaugural Gloves Up, Guns Down International Box Cup in Newburgh this October; a tournament in which they have had great involvement in getting started.

“This October will be our third visit in as many seasons to Newburgh. We took a team of six in 2017 and then a team of 14 last year with boxers from four clubs. This year there will be 28-35 boxers from Ireland competing over there, Crowley added.

“After our first visit in 2017, I set out a vision with my contact Leonard Lee from the Newburgh Hook Elite Boxing Club to help kickstart some regeneration in the area by introducing a plan for staging an International Box Cup tournament.

“I wrote the proposal and tournament plan on behalf on Newburgh Hook Elite Boxing Club and it has since been accepted by New York Metro Boxing Board and subsequently sanctioned by USA Boxing, and also backed by the Kaplan Foundation who do so much great work with the underprivileged youth of Newburgh.

The intention this year is to have 7-9 teams from across Europe including 4-5 from Ireland, 2 from England, 2-3 from Scandinavia and 1 from Portugal. I have been using my international contacts to promote and support this event.

“The entry is capped at 50 European boxers this year and 300 overall but the plan for the following year is 450-500 entries, once the district has gained the experience and skills to cope greater competitor volumes. Therefore, there will be amble opportunities for Irish clubs to mix with the USA’s finest boxing talent in the near future.

“Also, with budget airline Norwegian Air flying direct from Dublin to Newburgh with low cost flights it’s financially very feasible too.” added Sean Crowley.

“More information about the Gloves Up, Guns Down International Box Cup tournament for 2020 can be obtained by contacting the Erne Boxing Club.”