The Esker BC travel to the UK on Saturday to cross swords with Cornwall in the first of the Clash of the Celts Series.

Aside from Ireland, the progressive Dublin club will take on the six other historic Celtic nations of Cornwall, Galicia, Isle of Man, Scotland, Wales and Britany.

The Celtic nations are territories in western Europe where Celtic cultural traits have survived. The term “nation” is used in its classical sense to identify a people who share a common identity and culture.

“Probably one of the strongest teams we’ve ever assembled flies out next Friday to take on the best boxers that Cornwall boxing has in front of 700 spectators on Saturday March 2nd in Redruth, Cornwall, said the Esker BC.

”We’ll be going live on Facebook for all bouts.Going to be a fantastic trip and return in Dublin in a few months. It’s looking like Scotland in September for the second leg of our Celtic Nations (Clash of the Celts) Series.”

Squad v Cornwall

Jake Meegan (Team Captain)
Luke Maguire
Evan Fitzgerald
Tadgh Nolan
Dylan Butler
Robbie Loscher
Sean Balfe
Luke Beakhurst
Adam O’ Malley
Shane O’Neill
Joe Mooney
Chris Brady
Jamie McCabe (Maynooth)
David Bicevas (St Saviour’s OBA)
Christian Preston (Dublin Docklands BC)
Cameron Bennett (Swords BC)