The European Shadow Boxing Challenge is attracting strong interest from Ireland, Belarus, Belgium, Hungary, Lithuania, Netherlands, Russia, Spain and many other European countries just one week after its launch on May 11.

Participants can post their shadowboxing videos on their social media pages.

The deadline for entries is May 31.

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The European Boxing Confederation (EUBC) will select champions in three categories – Elite, Youth and Veteran.

Competitors should make short videos (15 to 30 seconds) combining their skills and techniques.

Upload your entry to your Facebook or Instagram pages and add the hashtags #EUBC #AIBA #NF #ShadowBoxingChallenge #ShadowBoxing #PunchChallenge #EUBCChallenge

The first Shadowboxing national champion is light-welter Enrico La Cruz, a Rio 2016 bronze medallist.

La Cruz won the inaugural Dutch Shadowingboxing Championships at the weekend which was decided by a professional jury from the Dutch Boxing Federation.