Please see below attachment, released at 11pm tonight by organisers, for Tuesday’s finals at the European Junior Championships.

Daily Schedule 24-25 Session

Ireland’s female boxers are in action in the early session which begins at 10am tomorrow morning.

Patrick Myers boxes in the second last bout on the 2nd session which begins at 2pm (Irish time).

Ireland is guaranteed 13 medals – at least 5 silver, eight bronze – in Anapa.

European Junior Championships Anapa, Russia

October 16


54kg Ellie Mai Gartland (Ireland) v Maria Gheorghe (Romania)
57kg Lauren Dempsey (Ireland) v Azalia Amineva (Russia)
60kg Sinainn Glynn (Ireland) v Iiona Sarembo (Germany)
70kg Lisa O’Rourke (Ireland) v Zofiya Stackhovyak (Poland)
80kg Patrick Myers (Ireland) v Murad Alllahverdiyev (Azerbaijan)

October 15


46kg Breda Quilligan (Ireland) lost to Gamze Soguksu (Turkey) RSCI3
46kg Michael Donohoe (Ireland) lost to Mikhail Grigorian (Russia) 0-5
52kg Jon McConnell (Ireland) lost to Semiz Alicic (Serbia) 2-3
54kg Ellie Mai Gartland (Ireland) beat Sameenah Toussan (England) 5-0
57kg Barry O’Connor (Ireland) lost to Maksim Shumov (Russia) 0-5
57kg Lauren Dempsey (Ireland) beat Michaela Turacova (Slovakia) 5-0
60kg Sinainn Glynn (Ireland) beat Danielle Marshall (England) 5-0
63kg Leanne Murphy (Ireland) lost to Maria Berstenova (Russia) 0-5
66kg Leah Gallen (Ireland) lost to Miriam Tomasone (Italy) 2-3
70kg Lisa O’Rourke (Ireland) beat Annemarie Schierle (Germany) 4-1
75kg Kaitlyn Doyle (Ireland) lost to Margarita Zueva (Russia) RSC1
80kg Patrick Myers (Ireland) beat Loncarie Borna (Croatia) 5-0
80kg+ Kori Goad (Ireland) lost to Olowia Toborek (Poland) 0-5

October 13


46kg Michael Donohoe (Ireland) beat Jack Dryden (England) 4-0
48kg Michael Maughan (Ireland) lost to Mihail Taranu (Moldova) 2-3
50kg Shane O’Brien (Ireland) lost to Michaelle Baldassi (Italy) 2-3
52kg Jon McConnell (Ireland) beat Billy Adams (England) 5-0
57kg Barry O’Connor (Ireland) beat Scott Jones (Wales) 3-2
70kg Eoghan Lavin (Ireland) lost to Alek Trofimouk (Lithuania) 2-3
75kg Jason Myers (Ireland) lost to Georgi Gustav (Georgia) 0-5
80kg Patrick Myers (Ireland) beat Matous Kasrviank (Czech Rep) RSC1


October 12


57kg Lauren Dempsey (Ireland) beat Josefin Betist (Netherlands) 5-0
60kg Sinainn Glynn (Ireland) beat Alina Katemrova (Russia) 4-1
63kg Leanne Murphy (Ireland) beat Loretta Bostos (Hungary) 5-0
66kg Leah Gallen (Ireland) beat Finja Bree (Germany) 5-0

Last 16

70kg Eoghan Lavin (Ireland) beat Renato Kozak (Hungary) RSC3
75kg Jason Myers (Ireland) beat Angelo Sparaco (Italy) 5-0
80+kg Bonvie Ndefi (Ireland) lost to Levanta Kiss (Hungary) RSC2

October 11


48kg Chloe Gabriel (Ireland) lost to Valeria Linkov (Russia) 1-4
52kg Niamh Fay (Ireland) lost to Marie Scott (England) 2-3
54kg Ellie Mai Gartland (Ireland) beat Eva Porumova (Bulgaria) 5-0
75kg Kaitlyn Doyle (Ireland) beat Georgina Andrei (Romania) 5-0
80kg Bethany Doocey (Ireland) lost to Georgiana Schnte (Romania) 2-3

Last 16

54kg Patrick Sweeney (Ireland) lost to Zsolt Ziro (Hungary) 0-5
57kg Barry O’Connor (Ireland) beat Anton Lovakovic (Croatia) 5-0

October 10

Last 16

46kg Michael Donohoe (Ireland) beat Erik Yervandyan (Armenia) 5-0
48kg Michael Maughan (Ireland) beat Mark Rozsavolgyi (Hungary) 5-0
50kg Shane O’Brien (Ireland) beat Martin Balogh (Hungary) RSC2
52kg Jon McConnell (Ireland) beat Evegeni Zhorov (Russia) 3-2

Last 32

60kg Steve Cairns (Ireland) lost to Giorgi Gegetchkori (Georgia) 2-3
63kg Taylor Guiney (Ireland) lost to Dmitry Zakharov (Russia) 1-4

October 9

Last 16

50kg Rachel Lawless (Ireland) lost to Elaine Ayari (Italy) 1-4
52kg Niamh Fay (Ireland) beat Nikolina Boke (Latvia) 4-1
63kg Leanne Murphy (Ireland) beat Andreea Marin (Romania) 5-0

Last 32

52kg Jon McConnell (Ireland) beat Matvejs Prokudins (Latvia) 3-2

Irish squad


46kg Michael Donohue (St Michaels Athy) (Bronze)
48kg Michael Maughan (Olympic)
50kg Shane O’Brien (Raging Bull)
52kg John McConnell (Holy Trinity) (Bronze)
54kg Patrick Sweeney (Olympic)
57kg Barry O’Connor (Sliabh Luachra) (Bronze)
60kg Steven Cairns (Legacy)
63kg Taylor Quiney (Drimnagh)
70kg Eoghan Lavin (Ballyhaunis)
75kg Jason Myers (Olympic)
80kg Patrick Myers (Sligo City) (Silver, at least)
80+kg Bonvie Ndefi (Olympic Mullingar)


46kg Breda Quilligan (Rathkeale) (Bronze)
48kg Chloe Gabriel (Mulhuddart)
50kg Rachel Lawless (Portlaoise)
52kg Niamh Fay (Swords)
54kg Ellie Mai Gartland (Clonmel) (Silver, at least)
57kg Lauren Dempsey (Ryston) (Silver, at least)
60kg Sinainn Glynn (Cloghan) (Silver, at least)
63kg Leanne Murphy (Togher)
66kg Leah Gallen (Raphoe) (Bronze)
70kg Lisa O’Rourke (Castlerea) ((Silver, at least)
75kg Kaitlyn Doyle (St Brigids Kildare) (Bronze)
80kg Bethany Doocey (Castlebar)
80+kg Kori Goad (Cahen Vale) (Bronze)

Team Managers

Anna Moore (St Francis)
Joe Hennigan (Connacht Council)

Billy McClean (High Performance)
Eve Carr (Enniskerry)
Liam Cunningham (Saints)
James Doyle (Monkstown Dublin)
Brian Barry (Riverstown)
Martin Donovan (Our Lady of Lourdes)

Michael Gill (Ballymore/Hollywood)