Caitlin Fryers and Irish coaches and staff after today’s medal ceremony



Caitlin Fryers will be bringing home silver from the European Youth and Junior Women’s Championships in Sofia.


The Irish light-flyweight was adjudged to have lost today’s 48kg Youth final with Bulgaria’s Mari Todrova in Bulgaria.


Irish head coach Jimmy Payne hailed Fryers’ performance, saying she was top class in all three rounds.


“Caitlin was brilliant, absolutely brilliant,” added. Irish team manager Bernie Harold.


Caitlin Fryers with Irish team manager Bernie Harold today


Fryers won three fights en route to today’s final and is, on the basis of her performances, including the final, this week, the top Youth light-fly in Europe in 2017.


Daina Moorhouse and Aoibhe Carabine will be targeting gold tomorrow in the Junior light-fly and middle classes.


Both boxers cruised past Russian opponents today – 30-27 x 3 and 29-28 x 2 and 30-27 and 29-28 x 4 – to move to within striking distance of double gold.


But Ciara Brien and Catherine Blaney had to settle for bronze versus Bulgaria and Italy, the Irish pair leaving everything in the ring.


The Youth finals will be completed later today ahead of Sunday’s Junior finals.


Team Ireland, who have claimed six medals in Sofia, are due home at approximately 4pm on Monday afternoon via Dublin Airport.

Click here for Sunday’s program. Boxing begins at 1pm (Irish time).

European Women’s Youth & Junior Championships Sofia, Bulgaria July 2nd/10th



July 3rd

75kg Lauren Kelly (Ireland) beat Gabriella Petrovics (Hungary) 4-1

Last 16
69kg Shannon Reilly (Ireland) beat Natalia Melesha (Ukraine) 5-0

July 4th

Last 16
48kg Caitlin Fryers (Ireland) beat Eliana Pileggi (Switzerland) 5-0
51kg Shauna Blaney (Ireland) lost to Goryana Stovea (Bulgaria) 0-5
54kg Mary Geraghty (Ireland) beat Anahit Aroyan (Armenia) 4-1
57kg Labhaoise Clarke (Ireland) lost to Ulyana Yesipena (Belarus) 0-5
63kg Katelynn Phelan (Ireland) beat Vyataute Kupciunaite (Lithuania) 5-0

69kg Shannon Reilly (Ireland) lost to Olivia Hussey (England) 2-3

July 5th


48kg Caitlin Fryers (Ireland) beat Christina Madalina (Romania) 4-1
54kg Mary Geraghty (Ireland) lost to Exaterina Molchanova (Russia) 0-5
60kg Marguerita Nevin (Ireland) lost to Patrycja Borys (Poland) 1-4
63kg Katelynn Phelan (Ireland) lost to Aaslahan Mehmedova (Bulgaria) 0-5

July 6th


48kg Caitlin Fryers (Ireland) beat Maxi Klitzer (Germany) 5-0
75kg Lauren Kelly (Ireland) lost to Anastasia Shamonova (Russia) RSCI3

July 8th


48kg Caitlin Fryers (Ireland) lost to Mari Todrova (Bulgaria) 0-5


July 3rd

Last 16
57kg Niamh Fay (Ireland) lost to Vilma Viitanen (Finland) 0-5
63kg Evelyn Igharo (Ireland) beat Diana Rys (Russia) 3-2

July 5th

63kg Evelyn Egharo (Ireland) lost to Gulca Arga (Turkey) 0-5
75kg Aoibhe Carabine (Ireland) beat Wiktoria Kluska (Poland) 5-0
Last 16
52kg Mary Kate Nevin (Ireland) lost to Giorgia Rossi (Italy) 0-5

July 6th

46kg Ciara Brien (Ireland) beat Lidia Monostory (Hungary) 5-0
48kg Daina Moorehouse (Ireland) beat Viktoria Fabuliak (Ukraine) 5-0
50kg Catherine Blaney (Ireland) beat Lenka Bernardou (Czech Rep) 4-1
54kg Chloe McDaid (Ireland) lost to Jekaterina Marchenko (Latvia) 0-5

July 8th


46kg Ciara Brien (Ireland) lost to Melek Zakivova (Bulgaria) 0-5
48kg Daina Moorehouse (Ireland) beat Diana Ermakova (Russia) 5-0
50kg Catherine Blaney (Ireland) lost to Martina La Piana (Italy) 0-5
75kg Aoibhe Carabine (Ireland) beat Angelina Tsaturian (Russia) 5-0

July 9th

48kg Daina Moorehouse (Ireland) v Simran Kaur (England)
75kg Aoibhe Carabine (Ireland) v Dziyans Novikava (Belarus)


Irish Squad

48kg Caitlin Fryers (Immaculata) (Silver)
51kg Shauna Blaney (Navan)
54kg Mary Geraghty (Baldoyle)
57kg Labhaoise Clarke (Carndonagh)
60kg Marguerita Nevin (St.Brigid’s, Kildare)
63kg Katelynn Phelan (St.Brigid’s, Kildare)
69kg Shannon Reilly (Bray)
75kg Lauren Kelly (St.Brigid’s, Edenderry) (Bronze)

46kg Ciara Brien (St David’s, Naas) (Bronze)
48kg Daina Moorehouse (Enniskerry) (Silver, at least)
50kg Catherine Blaney (Navan) (Bronze)
52kg Mary Kate Nevin (Elite, Mullingar)
54kg Chloe McDaid (Illies, Golden Gloves)
57kg Niamh Fay (Bracken)
63kg Evelyn Igharo (Clann Naofa)
75kg Aoibhe Carabine (Geesala) (Silver, at least)

Team Manager: Bernie Harold
Head coach: Jimmy Payne
Coaches: Ger McDaid, Antoinette Faye-McClean, Liam Brereton
R & J: John Casey