Expression of Interest for a National U-22 Championships

To whom it concerns,

The EUBC yesterday (Tuesday) issued dates for the upcoming European U-22 Championships which will take place in Italy from June 15th – 25th inclusive. This event is open to boxers born from 1998 – 2002.

In the event that Ireland was to send a team to the European U-22’s, it would be desirable to host a National event first. However, as no boxing is currently allowed and training is curtailed to Elite boxers only, we must present our proposal for reopening as soon as possible, to the Government and Sport Ireland Expert Group.

In order to present the best possible case for hosting an event, we need to have an idea of the number of potential boxers who would be willing to take part, if permission was granted by the expert group. Therefore, an expression of interest form is included below for any coach who feels his/her boxer is of the required standard.

It is important to note that by completing this form, boxers and coaches are not allowed to resume training. The purpose of this form is to gather relevant data regarding interested participants.  

Training will only resume when the government and health authorities give us permission to do so. 

Kind regards,

Paddy Gallagher

National Secretary

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