Please see below attachment for the qualification process for Tokyo 2020.


The world’s boxers have two shots at qualifying for the 32nd Olympiad.

The first tilt (for Europeans) begins at the Copper Box Arena in London next March.

The final World qualifier will be hosted in Paris next May.

“The qualification events represent a fair and transparent pathway to the Olympic Games with equal opportunities for all National Olympic Committees,” said Boxing Task Force Chair and IOC Member Mr Morinari Watanabe.

The final breakdown for Paris is contingent on which weights Japan takes its six – 4 for men and two for women – in.

Two hundred and eighty-six boxers – 186 males and 100 females – will battle it out in Tokyo.



The Five Roads to Tokyo 2020.

Continental qualifiers

Asia/Oceania: WUHAN, China, 3-14 February 2020

Africa: DAKAR, Senegal, 20-29 February 2020
Venue: Dakar International Expo Centre, Diamniadio

Europe: LONDON, Great Britain, 13-23 March 2020
Venue: Copper Box Arena, Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park

America: BUENOS AIRES, Argentina, 26 March-3 April 2020
Venue: CeNARD high-performance athletics training centre

World qualifier

PARIS, France, 13-24 May 2020

Olympic Games 2020, Tokyo. July 15, August 9.