Ireland's seven boxers in action today with staff in Hungary

Ireland’s boxers who were in action today with staff in Hungary


See below attachment for semi-final program.

Boxing2016 – EUBC European Confederation Junior Boxing Championships Day5 Schedule


Ireland will be taking home at least four bronze medals from the European Junior Championships in Kaposvar, Hungary.

Terry Donoghue, Martin McDonagh, Edward Donovan and Jack Conroy claimed impressive quarter finals wins today and will be aiming to upgrade their guaranteed bronze to at least silver in Friday’s semi-finals.

Brandon McCarthy, Kane Tucker and Adam Dempsey were also in action today. All three boxers gave fine accounts of themselves against Russian opponents, with McCarthy, who had an excellent three rounds, on the wrong end of a split decision and Tucker and Dempsey losing on unanimous decisions despite big displays.

Irish team manager Peter Brady hailed the performances of all seven Irish athletes in today’s quarter-finals.

Thirty four nations are competing in Hungary.

The semi-finals and finals will be held on Friday and Saturday. Team Ireland are due to arrive home via Dublin Airport on Sunday evening.

European Junior Championships Kaposvar, Hungary

June 19th


57kg Edward Donovan (Ireland) beat Deievdas Bogbanovicus (Lithuania) 3-0

63kg Pierce O’Leary (Ireland) beat Genuri Jgerenai (Georgia) TKO1

75kg Adam Dempsey (Ireland) beat Fillip Knor (Czech Republic) 2-1

June 20th

Last 16

46kg Terry Donoghue (Ireland) beat Aleks Karamani (Serbia) 3-0

48kg Brandon McCarthy (Ireland) beat Jean Christi (Romania) 3-0

54Kg Barry McReynolds (Ireland) lost to Anzor Gapuev (Russia) 1-2

57kg Edward Donovan (Ireland) beat Terteryan Semastian (Denmark) 3-0

60kg Michael Delaney (Ireland) lost to Pavel Chazov (Russia) 1-2

63kg Pierce O’Leary (Ireland) lost to Oleg Zharkov (Russia) 1-2

June 21st

(Last 16)

50kg Callum Walsh (Ireland) lost to Tegor Ade (Ukraine) 1-2

52kg Martin McDonagh (Ireland) beat Christ Esabe (France) 3-0

66kg Jack Conroy (Ireland) beat Aliaksandr Filipovich (Belarus) 3-0

70kg Kane Tucker (Ireland) beat Dmitris Christos (Cyprus) TKO2

75kg Adam Dempsey (Ireland) beat Edmunds Lindermanis (Latvia) 2-1

80kg Michael Walsh (Ireland) lost to Lewis Johnston (Scotland) 0-3

80kg+ Zenja Jelisejenkovs (Ireland) lost to Pavlo Mykolaichuk (Ukraine) RET1

June 22nd


46kg Terry Donoghue (Ireland) beat Richard Bernath (Hungary) 2-1

48kg Brandon McCarthy (Ireland) lost to Magomed Shamsaev (Russia) 1-2

52kg Martin McDonagh (Ireland) beat Norbert Berecz (Hungary) 3-0

57kg Edward Donovan (Ireland) beat Milan Orsos (Hungary) 3-0

66kg Jack Conroy (Ireland) beat Turan Sadikov (Azerbaijan) 3-0

0kg Kane Tucker (Ireland) lost to Edgard Tcambov (Russia) 0-3

75kg Adam Dempsey (Ireland) lost to Danil Teterev (Russia) 0-3

June 24th


46kg Terry Donoghue (Ireland) v Artur Shakhpazyan (Armenia)

52kg Martin McDonagh (Ireland) v Ilia Popov (Russia)

57kg Edward Donovan (Ireland) v Jeremy Dupetitmagneux (France)

66kg Jack Conroy (Ireland) V Zuarab Menabaushvili (Georgia)


Irish squad

46kg Terry Donoghue (St Michaels Athy) (Bronze, at least)
48kg Brandon McCarthy (St Michaels Athy)
50kg Callum Walsh (Riverstown)
52kg Martin McDonagh (Glen) (Bronze, at least)
54kg Barry McReynolds (Holy Trinity)
57kg Edward Donovan (OLOL) (Bronze, at least)
60kg Michael Delaney (Olympic)
63kg Pierce O’Leary (Dublin Docklands)
66kg Jack Conroy (Mullingar Elite) (Bronze, at least)
70kg Kane Tuker (Holy Trinity)
75kg Adam Dempsey (Achill)
80kg Michael Walsh (Holy Family D)
80+kg Zenja Jelisejenkovs (Castlebar)

Team manager: Peter Brady (Holy Trinity)

Coaches: Billy McClean, Philip Keogh, Tony Davis

R&J: Paul McMahon