THE famed Glen boxing club in Cork is about to commence a year of Centenary celebrations.

One hundred years ago, in February 1916, the club were formed in Blackpool of Leeside.

Amongst the founders were the famous Packie O’Mahony and his brothers John and Michaeleen, along with Willie Ryan, Pat O’Shea and Con O’Donovan.

The events organised by the Glen BC for their Centenary year include a Mass for deceased members at 6pm in Blackpool Church on Saturday, January 30 and a club tournament on Sunday, January 31..

There will be a reunion of members on February 19 and on Thursday March 24 an official visit to the Lord Mayor of Cork at City Hall.

The club gala Centenary dinner takes place on 15 April 15, followed by a Centenary international boxing tournament a few weeks later.

The club will also produce a souvenir publication.Other events will be announced later in the year.

Mick O’Brien, President of the Cork County Boxing Board, hailing the longevity and servitude of the the Glen BC, lauded the club’s contribution to Irish and Cork boxing over the last ten decades.