Dean Clancy claimed gold at the European U/22 Championships in Roseto, Italy today.

But Adam Hession had to settle for silver after his fight with Armenia’s Artur Bazeyan was stopped in favour of Bazeyan in the second round.

Clancy won on a walkover after Israeli light welter Ahmad Shtiwi faled to show up for the final.

Clancy won five fights en route to gold.

Hession was right in the bout in the first round,trading punches with Bazeyan and more than holding his own.

But he took two standing counts in the second round and the ref called a half after the second count.

Ireland will be taking home one gold, one silver and one bronze, courtesy of Jack Marley, from Italy.

European U/22 Championships Roseto degli Abruzzi, Italy

June 17

Last 32

63kg Dean Clancy (Ireland) beat Pete Novak (Czech Republic) 5-0

69kg Kieran Molloy (Ireland) beat Dan Krotter (Germany) 4-1

June 18

Last 32 and 16

52kg Sean Mari (Ireland) beat Hamza Mahmood (England) 4-1

51kg Niamh Earley (Ireland) lost to Romane Moulan (France) 1-4

63kg Dean Clancy (Ireland) beat Nenad Javanovic (Serbia) 5-0

75kg Gabriel Dossen (Ireland) lost to Moreno Fendero (France) 0-5

June 19

Last 16

52kg Sean Mari (Ireland) lost to Petre Cosmin (Romania) 0-5

56kg Adam Hession (Ireland) beat Gabor Virban (Hungary) 5-0

69kg Kieran Molloy (Ireland) beat Eric Tudor (Romania) 4-1

81kg Kane Tucker (Ireland) lost to Raphael Monny (France) W/O

91kg Jack Marley (Ireland) beat Dariusz Lasotta (Germany) RSC3

June 20th

Last 16

91kg+ Gytis Lisinskas (Ireland) lost to Vincenzo Fiaschetti (Italy) 1-4


60kg Ellie May-Gartland (Ireland) Lost to Peige Richardson (England) 0-5

June 21st


56kg Adam Hession Ireland) beat Bashir Bajwa (Germany) 5-0
63kg Dean Clancy (Ireland) beat Lounes Hanraoui (France) 3-2
69kg Kieran Molloy (Ireland) lost to Harris Akbar (England) 0-5
91kg Jack Marley (Ireland) beat Andrei Zaplitni (Moldova) 5-0

June 22nd


56kg Adam Hession (Ireland) beat Pawel Brach (Poland) W/O
63kg Dean Clancy (Ireland) beat Matteo Ara (Italy) 5-0
91kg Jack Marley (Ireland) lost to Artyan Yardanyar (Georgia) 0-5

June 24


56kg Adam Hession (Ireland) lost to Artur Bazeyan (Armenia) RSC2

63kg Dean Clancy (Ireland) beat Ahmad Shtiwi (Israel) W/O

Irish squad

51kg Niamh Earley (Ryston)

60kg Ellie May-Gartland (Clonmel)

52kg Sean Mari (Monkstown)

56kg Adam Hession (Monivea) (Gold)

63kg Dean Clancy (Sean McDermott) (Silver)

69kg Kieran Molloy (Oughterard)

75kg Gabriel Dossen (Olympic)

81kg Kane Tucker (Emerald)

91kg Jack Marley (Monkstown) (Bronze)

91kg+ Gytis Lisinskas (Celtic Eagles)

Team Manager: Tara Mari

Coaches: Eoin Pluck, Damain Kennedy, James Doyle

Physio: David Cooke